Thursday, October 7th, 2010

LA Times Declares War on "Rumors Spread by Bloggers with Axes to Grind"

LOL?The LA Times send out a newsletter today recruiting advertisers to the newsletter of The Envelope, which is (or at least should be!) the intentionally gossipy, rumor-filled awards-show blogging fiesta at their paper. It seems so unlikely that this happened! And yet this is true. Here's one thing you might know about the Hollywood awards show season. There is "news" when people win awards. The rest of it is… what do you call that stuff… I don't know, the term escapes me now.


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KarenUhOh (#19)

I only read Tribune publications for award coverage of the adult film industry.

saythatscool (#101)


iantenna (#5,160)

c. none

The only possible comeback to this is "The marketing department wrote that copy and sent it out." Even though you know it isn't true.

Jason Schroeder (#7,751)

I visited a newspaper recently. The ONLY thing those years of experience have given them is complacency. In between disparaging comments about bloggers, they talked about their ever-shrinking workforce.

Edward Champion (#1,468)

Just left a comment pointing to four clear errors in The Envelope defeating its thesis. But The Awl seems to have eaten it. The upshot is that, if an outlet of any type considers "I'm getting excited" to be quote worthy, it has no business sending such emails.

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