Friday, October 1st, 2010

"Jimmy's Failing Math," Brought To You By Bill & Bob's Roast Beef

I guess this will at least provide more of an incentive to get kids reading: "[A]ds for local ice cream shops or hair salons could soon be appearing on permission slips, class calendars, and school notices sent home with Peabody elementary school students after a unanimous School Committee vote this week. The novel plan to sell ad space on school communications marks the latest twist in how commercialization of schools – from the sale of billboard space to ads on buses – is generating cash in lean times."


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scroll_lock (#4,122)

I can't believe Sylvan Learning Centers and their ilk have not been buying ads on report cards. They can tie it into the grades: "C" stands for CALL SYLVAN, "D" stands for DON'T DELAY- YOUR KIDS ARE GETTING STUPIDER, and "F" stands for YOUR KIDS WILL BE F-ING REJECTED BY ANY DECENT COLLEGE WITHOUT SYLVAN.

This Suspension Notice brought to you by Dave & Busters Arcade.

kneetoe (#1,881)

Well, there's already so much exposure, I can't think it matters. I mean, when I pick up my kids there's a Mr. Softee truck right outside the gate where hundreds of kids come out, and all you hear is "can I have an ice cream." I would love to charge them for use of that spot and give the money to the school.

Chris (#5,644)

Doesn't matter.

Kids never look at permission slips and that kind of crap anyway. At least I didn't.

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