Crystal Castles And Robert Smith, "Not In Love"

Ooh. This is excellent. Earlier this year, Canadian synth band Crystal Castles recorded a new version of a song called “Not In Love,” which, if you are old, you might remember was written back 1983 by the Canadian new wave band Platinum Blonde (and different from 10CC’s 1975 soft-rock classic of almost the same name.) You might also remember that it sounds a lot like a Cure song—as a lot of new wave songs do, because the Cure’s Robert Smith was kind of the best at writing those kind of songs. All cold but also plaintive, emotional but emotionally distant at the same time. Anyway, so now Crystal Castles got Robert Smith himself to sing on a remix of their version. And it sounds pretty great. Basically, he should have been the one singing this song all along. But here’s the original.

And here’s Crystal Castles’ original cover version.

And here’s the 10CC song.