Monday, October 11th, 2010

Come to God: Insane Clown Posse

Not the International Center for PhotographyHere is more on the still-shocking revelations that Insane Clown Posse is a Christian band. They sound depressed. And why not? "It's just a terrible twist of fate for Insane Clown Posse that theirs is a form of creative expression that millions of people find ridiculous." We wonder how our favorite Juggalette is faring.

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Proof that psychiatric medicine is a fraud:)

KarenUhOh (#19)

The Lord jerks in mysterious ways.

Hey, don't knock it. This is exactly how Kierkegaard brought people to jeebus.

Abe Sauer (#148)

I am shocked by the revelation that this is shocking to anyone. It's like the homophobe who goes above and beyond reason to rail against gays…

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

They're crying on the inside. Like the Joker.

Matt (#26)

You don't know how tough it can be to get the right shade of poison these days.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

Oh, come the freak on already!!!!J!

Did the entire NYC media establishment just turn into a NY Times trend awareness program?

This is years old news already. Next up, someone will discover the fun of using a plastic hoop to gyrate around their hips.


I mean, I know it's going to take time for all you newcomers (yes, being the first in my town to get a T1 in 1997 does make me look down upon you) to fully get acclimated to the rapid spread of news that the Interznet provides. But, shit!

Um, that marketing gimmick the networks did about reruns – you know the one, "It's new to YOU!" was a marketing gimmick, not a way of life you should embrace.

For reference sake, this news is actually multiple years old.

ow that hurt (#3,919)

YOU got a Texas Instruments T-1 calculator in 1997?
I am
so jealous!

Parleyview (#7,337)

Golly, now I'm feeling rather fusty.

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