Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Bladderball Fails To Erupt At Yale This Year

!!!Considered a menace to student life, public safety and townie relationships, bladderball did not come to occur during Saturday's Yale-Dartmouth football game, as is the tradition. Do you have no idea what I'm talking about? Then I welcome you to the world's best Wikipedia entry: "Once each year, at 11 a.m. the Saturday before the Yale-Dartmouth game, the inflatable six foot ball was rolled through Yale's Phelps Gate onto Old Campus, where a throng of Yale students waited. At the sound of a whistle, teams from each residential college and various extracurricular organizations would fight for possession of the ball…. in 1971 the ball rolled a six mile swath through downtown streets leaving massive traffic tangles in its wake, only to be trapped and deflated by police at Beinecke Plaza, a few blocks from its starting point….In 1976, a car and its driver were badly trampled by the mob of students chasing the ball over the top of the vehicle…. "Magically released from the Fallopian tube-like tunnel of Phelps Gateway, it bounces rhythmically above the swarming hands of the crowd like a huge ripe ovum being battered by thousands of frantic spermatozoa."

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I assumed this was about water balloons filled with urine. It's so much more.

MaryHaines (#3,666)

This is your Ivy League without women.

keisertroll (#1,117)

Another fine product from Kramerica Industries.

Doug Henwood (#6,729)

There were women at Yale in the early 1970s, MaryHaines! Not many – the ratio was something like 4/1 M/F. But there were women there. And they played Bladderball too.

One Bladderball morning during my time at Yale (1971-75), they served screwdrivers at breakfast in the OJ dispenser. I'm guessing they stopped doing that long ago.

David (#192)

There's something to say about balls and men. (Yale wasn't coed until 1969, and this annual game commenced in '54). I think if you were to place a guy holding a basketball next to the "Mona Lisa" (or any other great painting) you would notice that most of the (straight) men wouldn't even see the painting. They would look at the ball.

Clearly, Mr.Philip Zeidman figured out a way to make New Haven disappear in a haze of ball-present related activity. Compare this to MIT, where as a freshman (in 1958), Oliver Smoot took to measuring the Harvard Bridge, using his body as a yardstick.

yale10 (#7,917)

FACT: Along with a group of friends, I organized the game of bladderball last year — and I was one of the two who rolled the huge fucking thing through Phelps Gate onto Old Campus as the madness started!

bb (#295)

well I for one am very proud of you.

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