Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The Laws Regarding Funny Band Names Have Not Really Changed For Some

"The band makes good, thoughtful music, and we invited them here based on their artistic merit. However, after weeks of discussion and consideration, the irony of the band's name was impossible to explain to many. The band's name, to some, is mistakenly associated with pornography. Consequently, Calvin, to some, was mistakenly associated with pornography. Neither the college nor the band endorses pornography."
A statement from Calvin College, a "distinctively Christian" university in Michigan, explaining its decision to cancel an upcoming show by the New Pornographers, the Canadian indie supergroup with a sorta-naughty name. Is it too late to rebook the show as and bill it as a big concert by its individual parts? (Via)

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Dave Bry (#422)

"Individual parts" sounds too dirty.

hman (#53)

I guess Calvin Johnson is out too.

keisertroll (#1,117)

For a guy who used to pee on Ford logos and Dallas Cowboys insignia as a kid, that Calvin sure got self-righteous.

Rather than educate our students, we believe the purpose of a college is to rid the world of pornography. We would also like to announce that our next college president will be Christine O'Donnell.

As her first act as president, she will issue a statement regarding the cancellation of the upcoming Circle Jerks show.

If the N.P. got paid not to show up for this crowd (which they must've, right?) this sounds like a win/win for them.

Morbo (#1,288)

Oh Grand Rapids and its silly Hollanders.

Somehow, the New Pornographers is bad, but upcoming events at Calvin include:


The B-52s- Will someone gently break to them the secret about Fred Schneider?

Michael Bolton – Just general crimes against humanity.

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Against humility, too.

I mistakenly associate this school with Calvin Coolidge. Consequently I associate the school with irrational farm subsidies.

Art Yucko (#1,321)

I love it when Christian Moms-n-Dads declare cultural war on their twee offspring.

spanish bombs (#562)

Honestly, their name sucks and has always sucked. If this leads them change it, score one for the silly people who didn't get the (inane) joke.

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

That reminds me of a Dave Kendall joke about the Mighty Lemon Drops.

What is the best band name, after Goblin Cock, I mean.

GiovanniGF (#224)

I hope they'll consider booking the Jesus and Mary Chain instead.

Morbo (#1,288)

That would encourage them Mary-worshipping Catholics to show up.

That would be a s bad as the Ground Zero mosque.

"Neko Case and her boyfriends (and with Kathryn Calder, I suppose, a girlfriend, too)" wouldn't fiy either…

theheckle (#621)

So how would Holy Fuck go over at Calvin?

I mean, it's "Holy." But it's also "Fuck."

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

"The irony of the band's name was impossible to explain to many."

Might as well give up on teaching them calculus (and the rest of the "college level" topics) too.

sailor (#396)

Hard-core Christians tend to tread lightly when it comes to irony. They have to be serious about everything.

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