Monday, September 20th, 2010

Lydia Davis on Translation

Local blogger Lydia Davis is blogging about translation, in anticipation of her new translation of Madame Bovary: "We say to ourselves, complacently looking to Darwin, that [translations] will compete with one another and the fittest will survive. But a significant problem is that the fittest will not necessarily be the best, although it, or they, may be. The ones that survive may be the best edited, and/or the best promoted, and/or the cheapest, and/or the ones accompanied by the most useful apparatus…."

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saythatscool (#101)

So I assume her translation comes with the patented apparatus "Le Mot Godemichet?"

Each new translation should be into a different language from the previous translation, forming a chain of increasingly bizarre versions.

["From any previous translation, more strange versions of the translation is another matter."]

Ledrew (#654)

Lydia Davis: "local blogger?" Sheesh. Realize that trumps "short story author," but she's also written a novel or two. NOT THAT I HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH LOCAL BLOGGERS.

Just seemed a little odd before her name, is all.

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