Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

iTunes 10 Is So Incredibly Ugly

UGHJesus Lord, iTunes 10 is ugly. It's so ugly! From the dock logo to the buttons to the icons to the spacing to even little tiny things, like the shade of the grey background and the shade of the fonts and the recasting of the volume bar-everything about it seems hideous, clunky, metallic; it feels impossible to get one's little trackpad to navigate these blocky boxy things. Is there not a senior gay in Apple product design to throw up his hands and send a design like this back to the youngsters? I know there's decided gay presence in the retail store design, which explains why their stores are largely so successful in terms of siting and presentation and flow and drama. But this-this is garbage!

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keisertroll (#1,117)

Did I see Helvetica make a cameo there? 2006 called; it wants its font back.

joeclark (#651)

All type in the screenshot is Lucida Grande (itself a problem, what with the fake small caps and lack of italic).

saythatscool (#101)

Well in all honesty, owning any Apple product is gay enough, dontcha think?

garge (#736)

I haven't consensually downloaded an iTunes update since they automatically converted all of my files to M4A after an update in 2005.

Art Yucko (#1,321)

m4anything format needs to DIAF, sorry for the tired lolspeak.

You know what it feels like? Like it's medicated.

kiamatthews (#2,192)

I hate everything about it. Ping is pointless as fuck. The horizontal close/minimize? No.


These are the demands and sayings of Kia.

But I do hope Ping kills Myspace for good.

kiamatthews (#2,192)

VERTICAL, I meant.

Turboslut (#1,036)

Ahh, I see the Department of Making Cosmetic but Irritating UI Changes Not Brought About by Necessity but Rather by the Need to Convey the Impression of Newness has been putting in some serious overtime hours

LondonLee (#922)

I'm still using iMovie 6 after they bolloxed that one up too.

Like how they change the Xcode documentation window in pointless but useless ways every so often, throwing out what worked and adding new stuff that doesn't work.

Jeff Carpenter (#3,752)

I especially love the lack of color in the sidebar. Being able to quickly differentiate the sections and find what I'm looking for was getting to be a real pain. Thank, Apple!

elayneriggs (#2,363)

They do seem to need more diversity at their top levels. After all, would a woman executive have been okay with the name "iPad"?

felixjet (#7,243)

holy s…..Itunes 10 is soooooo ugly!! Why Steve Jobs? Why Apple is making mistakes every day? Come on

deepomega (#1,720)

See also: Quicktime X, which is a goddamn abortion and has totally screwed me over several times.

Chairman Meow (#820)

The icon in the dock looks like it's some terrible Windows Vista monstrosity.

Besides being ugly, iTunes becomes more and more Microsoft-y with every revision. Can they pack any more crap into that program? It's so slow and clunky these days, I swear it's running on coal power.

joeks (#5,805)

So, hey you guys. An oil rig blew up today.

jhc (#7,259)

It's not just gays. I'm straight as an arrow and I want to stab myself in the face when I look at the new iTunes interface.

The excessive saturation and gradient in the new dock icon make it look like the cartoonish icons from Microsoft. The photorealistic icon aesthetic goes back to the NeXT days and is one of the distinguishing features of OS X.

The checkboxes in the list view don't have well-defined borders making it hard to tell if it's a clickable control.

They took out the subtle vertical grid lines in the list view too. That drives me up the wall.

The proportions of the volume slider are off–it's too tall! And the volume slider button is too small to have any detail on it.

Steve Jobs was the guy who criticized Microsoft designs for having "no taste." I have to wonder if Microsoft bought Apple and the news just hasn't leaked out yet.

Evan Hurst (#3,398)


Doesn't look that different to me.

Oh my god, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks the icon and interface is absolutely horrible. They didn't have to change anything, it was fine the way it was before! I'm not over reacting! :(

GwendoK (#7,288)

It is my personal opinion that Dr. Evil is holding Apple's mojo captive on a tropical island for a ransome of…
*pinky to corner of mouth*

So f*ing ugly. Sigh.

David Ota (#7,301)

So how do I change everything back to the way it was before? This looks like crap…

i've tried installing iTunes 9.2, but you would have to restore some old iTunes configuration files from TimeMachine to restore to the older version…

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