Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

How To Vote in New York City Today

TINY BUBBLESBig changes, civic-minded friends! The polls are open-and they'll remain open until 9 p.m.-for today's primary election. We hope you're planning to vote! And we'll have a voter guide later today totally not have a voter guide today-vote your conscience!- but first, the technical details. You can find your New York State polling place here. Even if you're accustomed to your polling place, today you'll find big changes! The ballots look pretty similar to what you're used to but it's a return to junior high school, because now we will use the exciting, time-honored technology of, pretty much, the bubble-scantron test. You remember how to fill in bubbles, right? The ballot you receive after you sign in-in its glamorous "privacy envelope"-will be in four languages and difficult to read in any of them! So, working by hand in your little station, you will fill in the bubble for your candidate of choice. You may instead provide a write-in candidate. You may not do both, nor may you select multiple candidates in the same race, nor may you write or mark outside the bubbles, or your ballot will be discarded. When you are done selecting your choices, you will then get in line for the scanning portion of today's test. There you will feed your ballot into The Machine and it will either accept or reject your ballot. Perhaps you have done a good job and The Machine will reward you with a thank you. Perhaps not! Instead it may say there is a problem, such as that your ballot is "over voted," in which case you should take your ballot back and fix it, by choosing the red button that says "don't cast," even though The Machine will give you a choice to let you submit it anyway. Here is a vaguely handy video that walks you through the new system, which we're sure will just go swimmingly. Good luck with all that!

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#2 pencils for all!

I didn't sleep well. I hope I don't fuck this up.

sigerson (#179)

I held my nose and voted for Reshma. I feel dirty.

Rod T (#33)

Can anyone provide a link to a good breakdown of the Democratic candidates for Attorney General? One has been mail bombing me. Two seem like assholes. I need to learn which one I dislike the least.

We are sort of abstaining on this question. Alex voted "the candidate who did not robocall him." It's… tricky. I'm between a rock and a hard place here! I cannot say more!

My neighbor has been campaigning for Schneiderman. Which pretty much means that I'm not voting for Schneiderman.

Hope THAT helps.

brent_cox (#40)

The only way to learn how much you dislike an AG is to elect said AG governor.

oudemia (#177)

Oh, fine. I voted for Schneiderman. There is no way on earth I'd vote for that opportunistic party-switching prosecutor (that would be Rice) in 1000 years. Here's the Nation's endsorsement of Schneiderman, which should either make you firmly for or firmly against.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

We're voting up here in Massachusetts too, and I can't express to you the glee with which I will not be filling in Martha Coakley's bubble in her uncontested race for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Revenge!

Bittersweet (#765)

If no one votes for her, does she lose?

As an Undeclared voter in the 5th district, I should figure out who's the least batshit GOP candidate and go vote for him in the primary.

sigerson (#179)

@Bitter — oh no, quite the reverse! Vote for the craziest wingnut you can find.

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Schneiderman is good enough?

I plan on filling my ballot out using the "Spicoli Method".

gumplr (#66)

If you're here and I'm here, isn't it our democracy?

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

We got touchscreens at least six years ago. What the hell, New York?

Maxine (#1,795)

If someone happened to be registered as a member of the Working Family Party does one still get to partake in the primary voting today?

Yes, I believe so. I've always been registered Working Families (IT WAS A COMPLICATED CHOICE, DON'T ASK) and I've always voted in primaries.

poisonville (#776)

I'm in the Green Party, I think, which means I'm not allowed to vote in any elections whatsoever, but I get interminable double-sided mimeographed "position papers" in the mail from the party's various warring factions.
Have fun, guys.

oudemia (#177)

I'm mad we don't get receipts or at least "this is who we think you are voting for" confirmation screens.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Again, my state has had confirmation screens for as long as I have been eligible to vote. Some states apparently need to get with the program.

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