Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Local Gay Explains Thrill of Lady-Starring YA Series to Ladies

Local web hottie Rich Juzwiak goes long today in endorsing the "Hunger Games" trilogy over at a popular blog for fairly liberal-minded stay-at-home mommies who used to work in corporate environments called Jezebel. But what about Jonathan Fraaaaaaanzen, Rich? (Related: I'm 1/4 of the way through Mockingjay and I'm all thumbs up.)

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Best description from Web zine The Awl, yet!

cherrispryte (#444)

It has become a home for stay-at-home mommies who used to work in corporate America! This is a fantastic description!

They're also becoming Cosmo-on-the-web, what with the "What do you call your tits", "Did YOU ever get caught Sally Drapering?" and "Drink water to lose weight!" articles. All of which appeared within the last week.

Jezebel is like a best friend from middle school who, once you gets to high school, plays dumb and dresses slutty and becomes a totally different person from the girl you once loved so much. And that new person sucks.

…. why yes, I'm a bit wound today.

roboloki (#1,724)

cherrispryte! so glad you chimed in today. long story short, i ran across some gillette sensor handles. i bought all three. one is for me, one for my little brother and the other is for you if you would like it. email roboloki at the hotmails if interested and i'll get it in the mail to you.

cherrispryte (#444)

HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU. And am emailing you now.

roboloki (#1,724)

your comment stuck with me because i was in the same boat. i tried all the new offerings and found them to be lacking so i've been using an old-school butterfly double razor that i do not wield with skill so very early in the morning.

evilfred (#2,351)

"local web hottie"? pics plz?

iplaudius (#1,066)

Watch any episode of Pot Psychology. But I’m warning you: you will fall in love.

egad (#1,355)

Oh Rich… I watched you and Gabe watch Salo. My internet crush has been unstoppable since.

egad (#1,355)

Ok, re-read that. It is all kinds of wrong. I should go to sleep now.

In my defence

Moff (#28)

1/4 of the way? Dude, this was a book that was only going to take "a couple of hours." TWO DAYS AGO.

I'm shockingly busy for the fact that it's THE ASS END OF AUGUST.

Daddy has three jobs, sorry!

Moff (#28)

It's a good thing you're not in a post-apocalyptic society where you have to read to the death against other kids, is all.

Moff (#28)


Nest harder.

Just going on the synopses that I've read, Battle Royale, anyone?

LadyHazard (#5,067)

The only thing missing from that beautiful description was something about cats. Something something LOLcats something.

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