"Like Eating Fridge Magnets": A Journey To Pop-Tarts World


TARTSDC: Explain the t-shirt customizer.
MHKC: So, first off, they print on American Apparel blanks and it’s $20 a go
MHKC: And you get to select designs from, ooooh, like 20 different options, and they silkscreen it onto the shirt for you.
MHKC: There are like half eaten Pop-Tarts
MHKC: Sprinkles
MHKC: Toasters
MHKC: Cinnamon rolls
DC: What more could a person who likes Pop-Tarts want!
MHKC: So you get to make a fancy design and, boy, it’s like the permutations are ENDLESS!
DC: Fun fact: I’m wearing my Pop-Tarts t-shirt right now!
MHKC: You’re wearing your Pop-Tarts t-shirt? You know what your Pop-Tarts t-shirt looks like? MY POP-TARTS T-SHIRT
MHKC: Remember when i labored over my design
MHKC: Because you went after me
DC: The only qualm i had with the Pop-Tarts t-shirt customizer
DC: Is that you can’t pick the colors for each design, each design has a specific color associated with it.
MHKC: Right
MHKC: Because we both LOVED the pink
DC: (This is obviously to save costs on screens and avoid logistical hurdles, because you can only have one ink color per screen, or else you would have to have a design for each design and screen, which would mean instead of having 20 screens, you would have to have like 100)
DC: (I used to run a t-shirt company!)
MHKC: (you would! *hypebeast*)
MHKC: And weirdly one of the Pop-Tarts (kinda the cutest one in fact) you could only get in black.
DC: Wait, we didn’t both “LOVE” the pink
DC: Also, as far as “biting your design goes”
DC: All i did was, take the design that was on the back of my shirt and put it on the front
DC: You originally had a toaster on the front and then put a Pop-Tart on the back
DC: And what you did was audible your design after I had put in my design to completely change yours
DC: To what mine actually was.
DC: No one cares about this though.
DC: Go to Pop-Tart World and make a t-shirt everyone, they’re great!
MHKC: They’re totally great


MHKC: Dude
MHKC: Pop-Tarts sushi?
MHKC: Not really fucking with it
DC: Then what was your favorite thing you had?
MHKC: I really liked the cinnamon roll crunch and the sour apple cobbler situation
MHKC: They were pretty and SUPER artificial tasting. It was like eating fridge magnets.
MHKC: In a good way
DC: I really liked the peanut butter and jelly Pop-Tart thing
DC: In fact, i had one when i got home last night and then again for breakfast this morning!
DC: It was two grape Pop-Tarts acting as the bread of a sandwich with bananas and peanut butter in the middle.
DC: I actually did like the sushi though.
DC: I love Fruit Roll-Ups but I also love traditional Japanese cuisine, so obviously that was right up my alley.
MHKC: I needed a more aggressive crunch factor for the sushi. I too adore Fruit Roll-Ups but everything gets way too squishy. But yeah for sure the Elvis thing was DEELiSH.
MHKC: Ew, how gross was ants on a log though?
DC: I didn’t even eat that.
MHKC: it was REAL celery
DC: I did not go to Pop-Tarts World to eat celery.
MHKC: Yeah it was incongruous
MHKC: I mean, does Kellogg’s know where celery even lives?
DC: Final thoughts?
DC: yes?
DC: Oh, ok.
MHKC: OK, i think it is significant to point out that they will have soft serve ice cream with Pop-Tarts crush ins and SPRINKLES
MHKC: I think it might be the closest thing to a Dairy Queen Blizzard that we have
MHKC: Like, i’m not thinking they will be THE SAME THiNG because DQ is this whole other ‘nother beast
DC: Coldstone exists too though?
DC: I think?
DC: On like Broadway and Astor Place
MHKC: Fuck a Coldstone
MHKC: Fuck outta here with a Coldstone
MHKC: Nah dude
MHKC: Textural differences
DC: Although it might have closed.
DC: What’s the difference, it’s ice cream with stuff in it.
DC: Oh, also at the cafe, you get to make your own Pop-Tart
DC: With Toppings
MHKC: And the icings
MHKC: That was cool
MHKC: Mine rules
MHKC: You hate coconut though
MHKC: Which i get
DC: Yeah i really hate coconut.
DC: I don’t like anything about it.
MHKC: It’s unpleasant to chew
MHKC: But i like it
DC: The texture, the flavor, everything.
DC: Although I kind of like how they look.
MHKC: Hmm…
DC: I like the colorway of a coconut.
MHKC: THAT is interesting

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