Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Forbes' 2010 "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" List, With Musical Accompaniment

forbes rapYou might not know it from the way that they dress or the kinds of cars they drive, but some rap music artists make a very respectable living. Forbes magazine, in fact, has made an annual tradition out of their listing the biggest earners in the field. This year's edition came out this week. But it's important to remember that these artists also make music. So here's Forbes' list, augmented by each of these very wealthy individual's best recorded musical performance.

1) Jay-Z

2) Diddy

3) Akon

4) Lil Wayne

5) Dr. Dre

6) Ludacris

7) Snoop Dogg

8) Timbaland

9) Pharrell Williams

10) Kanye West

11) Drake

12) T.I.

13) Swizz Beatz

14) Eminem

15) 50 Cent

16) Young Jeezy

17) Common

18) Soulja Boy

19) T-Pain

20) Lil Jon

21) Gucci Mane

22) Rick Ross

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David Cho (#3)

I would go differently with…

Weezy F. Baby – 'A Milli'
Ludacris – 'Stand Up'
Timbaland – 'Big Pimpin', 'Dirt Of Your Shoulder', 'Are You That Somebody', 'Get Your Freak On'?
Pharrell – 'Frontin' or 'I Just Wanna Luv U'
Swizzy – 'Bring'm Out'

hungrybee (#2,091)


I'm with Cho on the Pharrell picks. And, while I respect the nod to the underappreciated Ginuwine and his pony (ride it!), those Aaliyah and Missy tracks were better.

As for Common… come on. He was best when he was Common Sense.

Dave Bry (#422)

Good choices, too. It was tough. I never liked Swizz Beatz bells-and-whistles stuff so much. The track of his I had a hard time opting against was Beyonce's "Check Up On It."

And, yes, I think "Are You That Somebody" is probably the song Timbaland should be most remembered for. Most important, and representative of his sound, etc. (Also maybe Missy's "The Rain.") But I just love "Pony" so much. I could listen to that beat for like three hours straight and not get tired of it.

ImThraxx (#6,661)

It is hilarious that Rick Ross cannot Blow Money nearly as Fast as Common apparently can, ha ha ha ha.

Also I think "Pony" was the correct choice.

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