Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

A History of Bob Stein, Full-Time Thinker

PRE-PADThe extraordinarily abstruse Triple Canopy has a new issue up. Most of it is beyond my interests and/or understanding, however I greatly enjoyed this interview with Bob Stein, who for the last six years has run the think tank Institute for the Future of the Book (I don't know, really; one of its goals is that it has "no deliverables") and also founded the Criterion Collection and spent a lot of time thinking about LaserDiscs and HyperCard (oh man!) and also worked at Atari, trying to create the encyclopedia of the future. Basically he makes Clay Shirky's jobs look very task- and result-oriented.

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garge (#736)

At first I read HyperCard and HyperColor and thought, 'oh yeah, me too'.

gregorg (#30)

When I organized the internet panel for Wharton's first media conference in 1994, it was Bob Stein [then killing it in CD-ROMs], Ivan Seidenberg [then head of lowly Nynex (!)] and some HR lady from the NY Times Corporate office, who was the only person we could find to talk about electronification. of timesheets or something.

Glad to see it worked out so well for all involved.

gregorg (#30)

clearly, I need a better avatar.

deepomega (#1,720)

I spent way too much of my middle school years trying to make a Myst knockoff in HyperCard.

Bettytron (#575)

I vividly remember trying to animate a statue of Poseidon so his mouth moved in sync with a voiceover my dad recorded for my presentation on Greek mythology. Oh, it was a thrill a minute with young Betty.

ljnd (#86)

Bob is an amazing guy – I love talking with him and then I can never remember what those brilliant ideas were…it's like when you wake up from a really awesome dream and start trying to write down all those genius notions and you can't…quite…grasp them anymore.

But during the conversation itself, you're pushed to Maximum Think, and it's intense.

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