Friday, June 11th, 2010

Rich Person Does Nutty Thing, Heirs Sue Everyone

I could spend 20 minutes semi-explaining why the legendary lawyer Arthur Kramer (known better to you artsy folks as brother of Larry, regarding whom, no comment at this time) engaged in complicated maneuvers near the end of his life to bundle and resell seven life insurance policies, worth $56.2 million, to investors, over which the family is now suing and being sued, but can we just go with RICH PEOPLE SURE IS CRAZY and leave it at that? (On the upside, this mess may smooth out some conflicting little bits of law in New York State! Perhaps that's Arthur Kramer's real final legacy.)

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saythatscool (#101)

I can't get past the first clause "Days after New York attorney Arthur Kramer died unexpectedly at age 81"


Who doesn't feel death's icy grip at that age?

La Cieca (#1,110)

"We suspect foul play."

AlltheRage (#755)

Not this guy "In January 2008, Mr. Kramer became disoriented while skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho…He died two weeks later of a stroke. His untimely death appeared to turn the policies into a windfall for investors"

frontsidebus (#5,387)

Is it OK or not OK to like Larry Kramer?

We'll be dealing with that issue in a few months.

La Cieca (#1,110)

Say what you like about Arthur Kramer, but at least he didn't write the screenplay for Lost Horizon.

HiredGoons (#603)

for a second I thought you said 'Event Horizon' which, also.

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