Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Read the 'Rolling Stone' General McChrystal Profile

RSOnce again, we're having that magical moment where the world-from the President on down-is up in arms over a scandalous piece of magazine writing that pretty much no one can read. Rolling Stone's profile of General McChrystal, the top man in Afghanistan, is now big-Drudge-banner, front-page Times news. But the magazine isn't on stands yet and most likely it won't be on the website for weeks, as is the top-down military strategy of RS owner Jann Wenner. (This was the bizarre situation we found ourselves in a couple years ago, when the magazine published the world's most compelling story of Britney Spears' meltdown.) [UPDATE Bad news! The McChrystal profile that was being hosted as a PDF by Politico has now been taken down, after much yelling by Rolling Stone publicists. Here's a small, fair-use excerpt.] Oh, and the content? "The amazing thing about it is there's no complaints from McChrystal or his staff about the administration on any substantive ground," reports Spencer Ackerman. It's just a bunch of boys being petty-though he predicts the General will be scolded but not fired. So, two strategies aren't working: McCrhystal's press strategy and Rolling Stone's web strategy. Over at RS, according to outside traffic measures, pageviews are way up-but unique visitors are way down over the course of the year. Lots of photogalleries, you know. UPDATE: Annnnd it's finally online! Mazel tov to the web people at Rolling Stone.

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Katie Baker (#2,378)

Wait what about the Jay Z profile? Is that hosted on PDF anywhere??

Ribs (#2,690)

Probably under Politico section 'CLICK'

skywalker (#240,350)

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dado (#102)

The runaway general and the runaway bride are both in the news today…Dakota Fanning and Bon Jovi too. There's a trend.

Ribs (#2,690)

Well, three strategies – Mchrystal's counter-insurgency strategy being the third. We've not the patience or resources for a proper COIN strategy (even if it was a much more obsequent population than Afghanis) much less the flabbily-executed one going on now. As opposed to a smaller, special forces "disrupt"-ionary force; we're trying this- didn't we learn in Iraq that 2 years and few thousand troops doesn't remake a people?

PS Thanks Politico! And Adobe Acrobat!

KarenUhOh (#19)

History will record this dustup as no more consequential than when that doddering old fool, Gen. Westmoreland, confessed to Lester Bangs that Nixon spent his nights at San Clemente listening incessantly to Jefferson Airplane instead of Sgt. Barry Sadler.

Ribs (#2,690)

Appropriate "mcclusterfuck" tag @ the (att)ackerman link.

sigerson (#179)

Link no workee, G.I. You numba ten.

KarenUhOh (#19)

God. What a dismaying article. Fuck the politics of it.

What a complete dismal mess.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

When our great-great-great grandkids are taking their honeymoons in sunny Kandahar, this will all have been worth it.

Will Vanderbilt (#5,183)

Goddamnit RS won't even let us display it on one page for instapapering purposes. Chumps.

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