Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

For the $100K Bounty, I Will Betray 'JournoList' So Fast

ANDREW BREITBART: JUST LIKE NICK DENTON BUT FUNNERThe secrets of the liberal media e-newsletters will be revealed! Now that there's a $100,000 reward offered by new media top thinker Andrew Breitbart, I would absolutely cough up a complete archive of JournoList just as fast as I could upload it. (Or at least as fast as a very binding contract could be drawn up between my lawyer and Breitbart.) Why, that's probably almost half of JournoList member Eric Alterman's annual salary! Fortunately for the liberal cabal down in Washington, I'm not a member. But if anyone wants to give the JournoList archive to me for the reward, however, I'll totally donate half the money to an abortion clinic! Still, I do appreciate Breitbart's point: "$100,000 is not a lot to spend on the Holy Grail of media bias when there is a country to save." When will we save our country and take it back from the liberal commentators, who are not allowed to discuss their liberal comments with each other, except on their blogs, where they already do? And shouldn't it be public anyway? I mean, how will we live without reading the rambling late-night e-conversations of Alterman and Mike Allen?

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Because, after all, aren't the freedoms our brave soldiers fought and died for worth the price of 2 1/2 Escalades?

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Fortunately for the "give me this valuable thing for free and I'll split the value with you" proposal, journalists are terrible at math.

Exactly! I'm thinking none of them will notice they have something of value, and they will help a brother out. (LIBERALS!)

But seriously. I am BROKE.

Bryan Keller (#3,804)

Aren't you a co-owner of The Awl??!?

saythatscool (#101)

Mr. Breitbart:
I have naked pictures of Alex Pareene. My price? $1,000,000 or an oyster po boy from Hermes Bar. Your choice.

tomme (#4,473)

Breitbart probably wants to find out if his boyfriend has been talking shit about him.

rula (#3,558)

Whenever I see Bretibart I always think of Tom Waits' Renfield in Coppola's Dracula.

Kevin Knox (#4,475)

I always think of Lane Coutell from "Franny & Zooey", older but no wiser and still full of drunken bluster.

roboloki (#1,724)

i thought the left-wing think tanks were a response to the right-wing think tanks established after the failed presidential run by goldwater. i had wrongly learned that the republicans knew their policies would not be embraced by the american public without properly framing their arguments and bolstering their claims with studies performed by institutions they had established. i'm glad there are stewards of truth like bretibart to set the record straight.

KarenUhOh (#19)

For $10 I'll sell you the eyebrow pencil Arianna Huffington used to sign my copy of Das Kapital.

zidaane (#373)

JournoFist had better links.

I'm guessing there would be a similar bounty on Breitbart et al personal communications, except they make sure their bias permeates every article, tweet, and statement anyway.

BadUncle (#153)

There is indeed a country to save – from you, Breibart.

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