Monday, May 17th, 2010

Stab-Proof Airport Seats: Prison-Tested, Knifecrime Island-Approved

find the knives!Important features in airport seating: The ability to withstand knife attacks, according to the British (of course) airport-seating designer Rodney Kinsman. Kinsman's company OMK tests out its airport seating in courts and prisons ("If they'll survive that, they'll survive anything," he says), and he even brandished a knife and stabbed his seat at a recent airport-design expo in order to prove his designs' ability to withstand his homeland's preferred form of expressing its rage; the scar that resulted from his attack was "barely visible" post-attack, thanks to the strength of his firm's preferred polymers. One would think that this particular feature would be somewhat beside the point in security-happy Stateside airports — but then again, with holiday fares up 16% from last year over here and conditions at some airports seeming like experiences that one was actually paid 50 cents to endure as a scientific test, it's pretty obvious how someone could be inspired to get stabby with a spork.

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Pop Socket (#187)

Are knife attacks on planes that big of a problem?

Just that one time, I guess.

Also, chicken-wire surrounding the Headline News monitors.

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

Well, I would just stab somebody in the head, avoiding the seat. But that's just me.

The super seats were reduced to tears, however, when approached by the average American passenger's super-sized ass.

Matt (#26)

Yeah, sure, but did they get these guys to test it??

BadUncle (#153)

Why don't they just seat us all on chopping blocks?

WHOA. Fighting words, Maura. FLL is a way better airport than Miami!

minerva23 (#4,497)

They'll never make it past the volcano. The volcano knows all about KCI.

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