Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Rand Paul Backs Down

Bowing to political reality, Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul has issued a clarification of his beliefs which includes the words, "I unequivocally state that I will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964." Poor guy. What have we become as a country when a man can't affirm his belief in the rights of private businesses to discriminate based on race without then having to explain that he himself does not believe that businesses should discriminate based on race, just that they should be allowed to discriminate based on race? This is not the America I knew.


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El Matardillo (#586)

Does this have anything to do with the arrest warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan?

shostakobitch (#1,692)

His brother Sean is less than pleased at this news.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

I keep wanting to make "Rand" his surname, so it took me inordinately long to get that joke.

KarenUhOh (#19)

"I will never flag in my struggle to uphold the sanctity of free enterprise, unless it interferes with me getting elected to whatever that thing was I'm running for."

Dr. Bluman (#5,044)

The "clarification" is artfully worded to avoid the critical issue from the Maddow interview, namely whether he supports federal legislation barring discrimination in (privately owned) public accommodations, e.g., the Woolworth lunch counters.

Note that he says only that he opposes discrimination and supports the "intent" of the Civil Rights Act, which, as he puts it, "was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws." His statement that he would not support repeal of the Civil Rights Act (a) is fairly academic, since there isn't — as far as I know — any real danger of repeal anyway, and (b) still doesn't tell us whether he supports the PART of the Civil Rights Act that was at issue in the Maddow interview.

The question is a very simple one: does Rand Paul support Title II of the Civil Rights Act? He still hasn't answered it.

"Bowing to reality"??? NEVER

bureaucrette (#367)

"What I'm saying is, is that I don't believe in any wife-beating. I don't believe in any private citizen beating his wife either. And I wouldn't befriend, wouldn't support, wouldn't go to."

KarenUhOh (#19)

"I don't eat at Woolworth's."

fairest (#413)

This is the great part of this Ron Paul comment, from the Times article:

And in an interview on "Good Morning America" on ABC, Mr. Paul argued that his decision to hold his election night celebration at a fancy country club was not in any way at variance with the grass-roots movement he has now come to epitomize. And in the process of explaining his decision, Mr. Paul invoked Tiger Woods, the golfer.
"I think at one time, people used to think of golf and golf clubs and golf courses as being exclusive," Mr. Paul said, adding, "Tiger Woods has helped to broaden that, in the sense that he's brought golf to a lot of the cities and to city youth."

why is is wrong to be racist or discriminatory? it works!

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