Mika Brzezinski: A Serious Journalist With Serious Gams

someone get dian hanson on the lineLiesl Schillinger’s Styles-cover-worthy rundown of the “morning-news-romcom-vérité” relationship between Mika Brzezinski and her Morning Joe foil Joe Scarborough, which was illustrated with a gigantic version of the Leg Show-worthy shot at left, not only refers to the anchor as “Doris Day with a tan and killer abs” and quotes a reader e-mail in which she is told that she “looks like a Peep.” No, it really goes there with multiple quotes attesting to the coupley bona fides of Joe n’ Mika from none other than Nora Ephron:

“For me it’s not so much about the politics,” she admits. “I tend to watch almost anything like this in terms of: is this romantic comedy? And it is.”

“Mika and Joe, I feel, really like each other. I’m very busy thinking about them as a temporary couple on the air.”

“The conversation is like some kind of dream sequence at a bar, only you can have a part in it, and it’s in the morning.”

I am glad that the Styles section is basically telegraphing the snappy relationship that will serve as the focal point for Ephron’s next onscreen collection of well-worn romantic tropes. Women eat that kind of insideriness up!