Monday, May 31st, 2010

Enjoy Your Day of Memorials, Everyone

OH MY GOD IS THAT THE OIL???Happy Memorial Day from Nancy Pelosi and Joint Chiefs of Staff honcho Mike Mullen! How will you observe this day? By getting crunk and sunburned in the back yard with your homies? Or by gazing terrified into the yawning horrible future that we have made for ourselves? Choose wisely-and do let us know. Also? As great as that is, there is by far a stronger competitor for best picture of the weekend.

(That photo is by by Matthew Hinton, for The Times-Picayune; see the rest of his BP protest photo gallery here.)

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carpetblogger (#306)

Hello? Is anyone here?


Sadly I fall into Choire's last tag today–there will be work, though there may also be some "work" (i.e., catching up on "Here Comes Summer").

Redacted (#2,882)

Nope, just checking my work email frantically in case something interesting happens while we're all off. Can you be co-dependent on an inanimate object?

keisertroll (#1,117)

If by work you mean spending fifteen minutes trying to flesh out a tasteful anecdote regarding my military-loving hometown and how it impacted how I viewed others homosexuality and my own, and then giving up and now trying not to assemble a kiddie pool for my nephew, I'm at work.

Hirham (#1,709)

Yeah, I'm trying to edit a piece of my dissertation I've been needing to clean up for weeks. It's pretty grey and cool here, so I don't feel as much like I'm missing out.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

Tell me about it whole thread. Got like 2 hours of sleep, couldn't even drink a beer last night – nauseous.

All because I realized I have too much research for Book 4 and I'll have to split chapter 3 up into multiple chapters, but I'm working on a linear timeline so that might get ugly even if I do alternating chapters on the 5 or 6 plotlines that happened together or stick with one 400 page chapter 3 and a 2 page last chapter.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

That or I counted out how long it's been since I got laid.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

Hiding this here to come back to it later. Delete it and many will be mad.

FUCKING GRAPH THEORY! Dude, I kept referring to it as patterns. I really need to freaking read more books!

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

To be fair to me I may have just forgotten the name after using another name for so long. Um, did I say you could read this? Not, you dudes, YOU.

Dr. Disaster can and can then summarize for you.

Especially don't let Wonkette know.

I'm in New Hampshire – mostly working with bedding.

C_Webb (#855)

I will be attending a lovely barbecue this afternoon, walking distance from my house, but must abstain from spirits for the most part because when I come home I have to build a model of the space shuttle for my daughter's second grade transportation project. WHAT HAPPENED TO "NO HOMEWORK ON WEEKENDS," MS. B?

Sad thing is I was a bit tiddly when I helped my older daughter with the same damn project two years ago. Sent her to school with a lopsided blimp stuffed with mismatched socks.

keisertroll (#1,117)

I have a perfect solution for your mild dilemma, but I don't want to go to Hell for saying it.

C_Webb (#855)

Say away. I love freedom. Plus, it can't be anything I haven't thought of already myself, Keiser dear.

keisertroll (#1,117)

It may be a little late but you could put some BBQ pit ashes in a box and pass it off as Columbia.

@keiser: Wow…

garge (#736)

@keisertroll: I would give the kid a B+ but make mom or dad stay after school for detention

keisertroll (#1,117)

That's nothing; I once came up with "The Terri Schiavo Clapper".

garge (#736)

Terri Schiavo still holds a prominent position within my repertoire. Never Forget.

lily bart (#4,656)

Boston looks delicious today, kinda makes me wish I had friends who lived in the same city as me. Gonna head to the park, book in hand, and spend a few hours avoiding the design projects I should be working on.

JustMe (#5,093)

Between the beer and barbecue, a time-out to remember the fallen ones who helped make our way of life possible.

heroofthebeach (#2,280)

The Pacific NW is still stuck in early Spring, where it's rainy and miserable and generally very wet. But I'm choosing to believe that this is the real reality and the rest of the country is in some sort of simulation of the world where everyone is slowly baking to death.

MikeBarthel (#1,884)

Yes, here in Seattle I am spending the day making ramen broth, sigh.

MikeBarthel (#1,884)

Though now it is sunny and I got drinks on a patio!


miasmaprotege (#124)

I usually celebrate by squishing a couple of ice cream cones into the faces of unsuspecting Amish, but this year I just don't have the heart or the rental car.

lawyergay (#220)

I'm celebrating this day by acknowledging the heroism of the people on the flotilla of relief boats into Gaza who were brutally attacked by the IDF.

True heroes, each and every one.

carpetblogger (#306)

Shit's gonna start getting real here in Constantinople, I expect, tomorrow.

Vulpes (#946)

I just don't get it. Is Israel just cold looking for the worst PR they can possibly make?

Vulpes (#946)

"Or by gazing terrified into the yawning horrible future that we have made for ourselves?"

Sorry for being a downer, but I find myself more and more choosing this option, and at least partly because of The Awl and Wonkette. Everything just seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, and both the only escape, and the thing that makes it worse, is reading the words of Sicha & Co. and Msr. Layne. It's either laugh or cry, and though I'd rather laugh, I'm finding it harder and harder not to get depressed after laughing. Why do you and Ken hate me, Choire?

ljnd (#86)

A toast to my grandpa, who spent WWII in London repairing bombers. Grandma sent him photos of herself in lingerie. He had free cigarettes and chocolate and beer. Best years of his life.

kneetoe (#1,881)

Those choices are not only NOT mutually exclusive, they are in fact self-reinforcing in a meta-loop (EGADS, THE DASHES) kind of way that means that, yes, I will be doing both. Am doing both.

I had a typical American Memorial Day: I went to our little parade, then to lucha libre with my kid, then a barbeque where I was the only adult who spoke English, and where I sang Tejano songs with a band of very short Mexican fellows.

How were the tribute bands?

Did not see any of the bands. We just walked around the vendor booths.

I let the dog loose in Purgatory Chasm–and lived to tell… There was also excellent icecream down the road at a place where they made the waffle cones to order.

Bittersweet (#765)

Didn't realize you were a fellow Mass resident, KD. Did the smoke from Quebec make it to Sutton? It looked like LA yesterday here in the Northwest 'burbs.

phlox (#204)

It was 80 & sunny here in NoCo.
I pulled weeds, drank beer and bought a new car.
Not in that order.

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