Friday, May 21st, 2010

Breaking: Icing of Bro Committed At Goldman Sachs

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: We have just received word that an "icing" in fact has taken place among bros at Goldman Sachs. Our original statement of this morning that no icings have yet taken place at Goldman has been altered; we regret the error and also, wow, are you kidding? And here is the Wieden-Kennedy interoffice memo that is oddly pro icing. Suspicious! [UPDATE: Um, that memo has just been disappeared from the Voice's website. SUSPICIOUSER. ANOTHER UPDATE: here's the cache of the memo.]

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gumplr (#66)

Also, that time Lloyd iceblocked Senator Levin in front of THE WHOLE SENATE PERMANENT SUBCOMMITTEE ON INVESTIGATIONS.

Nobody fucks with Lloyd.

matt_t (#4,426)

Lost is going to end with Jack icing the Smoke Monster

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Just guess how surprised I am.

petejayhawk (#1,249)

I have it on good authority that several icings have happened this week in the Kansas City-area offices of Farmers Insurance and last night on U Street in DC.

deepomega (#1,720)

So I guess that makes the 2008 financial collapse the collective icing of america by Goldman Sachs?

wb (#2,214)

Paulson probably iced Berneke during that closed-door meeting they had.

Just among the "bros" at Goldman? The females there are … "Iced Out," so to speak?

minerva23 (#4,497)

Did these guys run out of each other's piss to drink? 'Cause I got some for them…

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