Bombs Over Broadway

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, FATMAN!What a weekend, full of bombs; first Jay Leno, then a Nissan Pathfinder? NO BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS. And I mean, what an oil slick, hey? Home-rigged accelerants and explosives dousing the ducklings of Times Square, while the mayor watches telepathically. AM I RIGHT? Unlike every other Broadway bomb, this one everyone wants credit for! Hi-o! And what thanks do ya get when you help out the kind people of Gotham City by keeping our tourists away from a bomb? You gotta eat a very fishy salt-free, low-cal meal with Mayor McAntiCheese’s terror deputy Patty Harris! Oh, we kid, she’s great people. And at least we’re not subject to changes in regime during a local disaster! (Hey, anyone remember when Giuliani wanted to cancel the elections due to terror?) Well, let’s be careful out there-and keep an eye out for suspicious white balding 40-something men!