A Guide To Internet People Named Molly

MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY GET YOUR MOLLIES HERESurprisingly regularly, I am asked to explain “Which Molly Is Which?” This is true because there was a huge uptick in girls being named “Molly,” which began in the late 60s and peaked in the late 80s. (Thanks, Ms. Ringwald; the name has shown staying power through the present day). So here, for once and for all I will tell you about the Three People Named Molly You Most Regularly Meet on The Internet.

THIS IS MOLLY LAMBERTMolly Lambert, AKA Molly Lambert
This Molly has a Tumblr but does not Twitter and is one of the proprietors of charming smart website This Recording, a publication about culture that is very conceptual in nature. She is based in L.A.

THIS IS MOLLY YOUNG!Molly Young, AKA Magic Molly
This Molly, who has a Tumblr and a Twitter, was just profiled in Paper. This Molly is in New York, and has a piece in the new issue of n+1.

This Molly has a Tumblr and a Twitter. This Molly worked for Defamer for some time, departing in October, 2008. This Molly is also based in L.A., and this Molly wrote the amazing/horrifying Bedbugs Of Los Angeles story for us.

Other People Named Molly
Oddly we don’t really know the Molly Holzschlag behind Molly.com! She writes about CSS a lot and does some consulting. We’re sure she’s nice too. Neither do we know the seemingly charming Molly Wright Steenson, who is at Princeton. Both of these Molly’s have been online for forever.

What would happen if these people named Molly all got together and started a Molly Association? I do not know but it frightens me.