Monday, April 19th, 2010

We Hear a Rumor that Steve Jobs Called Gizmodo…

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…. and he wants his iPhone back. Oooh. In other news, receiving stolen property, in the state of California, is often charged as a misdemeanor. (Interstate receipt, however, under federal law? Well, things get a little more hectic.) But we're still awaiting the explanation on how Gizmodo came to have the opportunity to pay $5K (we believe) for the missing alleged new prototype iPhone. Could be totally legit!

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Ronit (#1,557)

Total Apple-coordinated PR stunt.

I don't know…considering their policy of total secrecy in the past, and the recent McGraw-Hill/iPad debacle, I'm inclined to think the phone was really either lost or, more likely, leaked.

Still, either way I don't understand how the person who had the phone wouldn't eventually be discovered. I'd think all prototypes, especially one that sensitive, would be numbered and trackable. So once they discover which phone is missing, they'd easily be able to discover who it was assigned to, etc.

Slava (#216)

Pfft! Laws!
Who does Apple think they are? Always complaining when their property and trade secrets are stolen and sold to the highest bidder and published for all the world to see! Steve Jobs is evil!

the teeth (#380)

All my knowledge is based on ten minutes with the internet, so this could be nonsense, but: based on ten minutes with the internet, it sounds like the phone was 'stolen' only in the sense that apple finds it convenient to consider it stolen. And laws-a-bundle were probably broken, but only in the sense that a committed legal team can usually find and reveal 'law-breaking' if their client is unhappy. Is my very learned legal opinion.

the teeth (#380)

I should probably hedge even more, but really I'm only commenting because I'm curious to hear more about this whole 'stolen' thing.

jolie (#16)

Oh pleasepleaseplease let Valleywag get the exclusive video of the ensuing Denton/Jobs slappyfight

TKO in the 2nd round via a head butt to the pancreas.

Hold it, are you guys closing comments too because you're overwhelmed with Apple fanboy traffic, or is that just on the Spitzer story?

jolie (#16)

Shhh… let's not make Balk feel worse than he already does.

HiredGoons (#603)

But how did he call Gizmodo without his phone?

garge (#736)

.. with his back up jitterbug, which he keeps in the glove compartment for emergencies.

Fredrick (#268)

Didn't some Asian dude 'kill himself' a year or so ago after accidentally leaking some iPhone information?

This Jason Chen guy might want to stay with some friends tonight.

riotnrrd (#840)

I am still stunned that a weak story about a new iteration of the iPhone — and one that is being released on the same schedule established in 2007 with the exact upgrades everyone already suspected — got 2.3 million pageviews and climbing. Don't you internet people have jobs?

Clip Arthur (#2,024)

This story is indeed the nontroversy du jour!

jjb (#1,681)

Pffft. Why do you think this is blowing up today? As we all now, "work" for today's office worker consists primarily of consuming ephemera on the Internet. I think it's great that people are taking time out from their busy schedule of dicking around on Facebook and forwarding YouTube videos to gawk at the entirely predictable machinations of a multi-billion dollar corporation and a publicity seeking blog.

Look, if people can't feel irrationally attached to corporations that would cheerfully grind them up into chum if it would lower the BOM on their latest consumer feeding-frenzy bait a quarter cent, who CAN they feel attached to?

To me, the bigger story is that Apple is so incredibly secretive about their products until the moment they launch. It's not that the product is unexpected, it's that we as consumers never have this kind of information in advance. I think this might be the first leak this major coming out of Apple (and if not, it's at least the first in a very long time), so people are more eager than they would be for products from companies whose products are leaked/publicized early.

Can someone do a Venn diagram showing the overlap in stories between the Awl and Gawker? Lately it seems like Gawker is repeating Awl stories. Flattery, and all that.

I've noticed this too. Gawker usually picks up the same story about 24 hours later. I've come close to posting about it over there actually, but never got around to it.

posting=posting a comment

tigolbitties (#2,150)

it's starting to get kind of annoying right? i feel like every other post i read about there, i saw here first – with the exception of whatever mssrs. bry and jefferson contribute (which is their lost, those are some of my most favorite posts).

A late-breaking post, but couldn't let it pass without comment:

Maura's story from yesterday on the Gmail hack here.

Ryan Tate's story from today on the Gmail hack here–including the same damn Pine joke!

I love how breathlessly Denton's drones cost someone their job. Nice work, assholes.

Delta (#1,314)

Well. the person in question is either extremely negligent for losing this iPhone and simply highly unlucky that it was found by a news source, or was paid by Gizmodo for the phone (which is much less likely)…

jfruh (#713)

I wouldn't worry about it too much because I'm pretty sure the "lost in a Redwood City bar" story is bullshit? My guess is that some insider read Gawker Media's public declaration of checkbook journalism and figured that an iPhone prototype would get a nice payday.

joshc (#442)

given that they offered $100,000 for an hour with an iPad (, the person who "found" this prototype in a bar seems to have been selling at bargain basement prices if the $5k story is true.

joshc (#442)

although, the difference between a new generation of a phone with expected features and an entirely new device are obvs.

I think the responsible thing to do would be to find the owner of the lost merchandise and try to return it. News outlet or no. But Denton isn't exactly known for his soul.

I hope Apple puts Gawker Media out of business (or at least bloodies them up but good) for this stunt. It would serve them right.

I think Apple is a slightly bigger fish than the Church of Scientology, and I think Denton needs to get cut down to size.

brad (#1,678)

what's an iphone?

HiredGoons (#603)

a smaller iPad that makes phone calls.

It knows how to make the phone calls, it just doesn't know how to keep the phone calls.

sweetpickles (#812)

Steve Jobs can come out on stage, take a dump, and people would marvel at how sleek, elegant, sophisticated, and user friendly his feces is. I'm an Apple user and find his product superior. I really don't follow every product development, but you have to be impressed with this guy's showmanship. People are wetting their pants that he squared the back of a phone. Imagine if he rolled out a car?

HiredGoons (#603)


Nrbelex (#1,742)
Nrbelex (#1,742)

… but not really. It explains how Apple lost it (naming the specific employee), but not how Gizmodo acquired it…

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