Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Titus Andronicus, "A More Perfect Union"

The video for Titus Andronicus' "A More Perfect Union" is slightly imperfect union between the video for U2's "New Year's Day" and the scenes from the movie Revolutionary Road featuring actor Michael Shannon if he had a big beard. Great song, too.

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saythatscool (#101)

I can think of nothing more tragic than the sentiment "I never should have left New Jersey."

doubled277 (#2,783)

I never knew "New Years Day" had such a shitty video

Dickdogfood (#650)

I see the guy from Titus Adronicus has recovered quite well from that ill-fated Gathering of the Juggalos incident.

Someone needs to put an end to this stupid beard thing.

Slava (#216)

You mean to tell me that this song is not by The Hold Steady?

Multiphasic (#411)

Nope, it's by the Constantines.

Redacted (#2,882)

I thought it was, and then it veered into 90's Bright Eyes. These people are creepy.

Joe Gallagher (#3,502)

Ughhhh go ahead and keep reducing this band using critical newspeak like "sounds like Bright Eyes and the Hold Steady and a Springsteen basement show." I'll just keep loving them for who they are.

brad (#1,678)

i thought this was going to be about the play. or maybe the movie with anthony hopkins and jessica lange. if you haven't seen it, it's worth seeing.

doubled277 (#2,783)

agreed, worth seeing

Brad Nelson (#2,115)

"Tramps like us baby we were born to die" vs. "Tramps like us and we like tramps."

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