Friday, April 2nd, 2010

McDonald's Should Start Issuing Its Employees Kevlar Body Armor

Is there a more a dangerous place to work than at a McDonald's? Remember last year, when the woman in Florida called 911 three times to report that the McDonald's she was out had run out of chicken McNuggets? And then three months ago, when the woman in Ohio punched through a drive-thru station window for the same reason? Well on Sunday, in South Brunswick, NJ, a man, apparently frustrated that the filet-o-fish he'd ordered at the drive-thru was taking too long to appear, climbed from his car through the pick-up window, slapped an employee inside, grabbed his sandwich and walked out of the restaurant. What do they put in that food?

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kneetoe (#1,881)

This makes sense now that we know how addictive food is.

gregorg (#30)

of all the questions to be asked about McNuggets, "What do they put in them?" is the absolute last one I want to know.

Dave Bry (#422)

Good point. Needs a "don't answer that" tag.

saythatscool (#101)

Having lived in South Brunswick for a brief period, I can assure you that slapping employees and taking your sandwich by force is pretty much Standard Operating Procedure.

I once held a Grease Truck cook's scrotum betwixt the blades of a pair of garden shears while he made me a cheese steak. If these people don't want to get treated this way, then they should stay out of the Jersey fast food industry. It's their own damn fault really.

Friends of mine in high school used to like to do the "grenade" at the Wendy's (the locals' favorite fast-food joint).

The "grenade" is when you order a bunch of food and drinks at the drive-thru. Then, when the employees deliver the food to you, throw it all back in their faces, creating a crazy mess in their workspace.

I'm not saying I condone such behavior. But it's pretty funny to see.

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