Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Laura Bush Has Her Say

George W. Bush isn't the only member of his household getting into the memoir business: Former First Lady Laura Bush's Spoken From the Heart comes out next month. In it, she discusses the high school car wreck in which she killed a friend. There's a weird feint at the Ralph Nader defense (her victim was driving a Chevy Corvair, the model pilloried by Nader in Unsafe at Any Speed) and the admission that she neither attended the funeral or attempted to make contact with the dead boy's parents. There is also the suggestion that someone tried to poison President Bush at a G8 summit in Germany. It sounds like, uh, interesting reading.


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Abe Sauer (#148)

I do hope to see her on Cooking the Books!

But seriously, I dislike the W. Bush family about as much as anyone but I hope many can get beyond the retroactively-fulfilling spiteful act of holding the crash and the subsequent 17-year-old-like actions of a 17 year old against an adult.

JohnB (#4,564)

That's all well and good, but trying to put some of the blame on the kid's car is pretty weak. You run a stop sign and plow into a car, and even if that car doesn't have handling problems and isn't prone to roll-overs, it's still not going to be a good result. It wasn't 17 year old Laura who came up with that excuse.

Abe Sauer (#148)

See, that's the only takeaway (and without having read the memoir and with only this piece to go by, maybe a BIT disingenuous of a focus point on the NYT's part). Christ, not wanting to find myself defending the Bushes of all people, but the charcaterization of just how much she thinks that's a defense is really a condition of how the NYT piece on this memoir has made it. The Times admits that a lot of the book is focused on tat event and her dealing with it and the guilt etc etc. but maybe the largest excerpt they use is her bit about the Corvair (which, BTW, for a memoir is maybe a totally legitimate point to bring up and certainly something that haunted her when she DID see Unsafe at Any Speed published just 2 years later).

"Somebody" tried to poison Bush, but he got her back with The Backrub of Extreme Uncomfortableness!

HiredGoons (#603)

Maybe this is why Bush I threw up in Japan!?


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