Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Joni Mitchell, Hero, Destroys Bob Dylan

"Bob is not authentic at all. He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I."
- Bob? Yes, BOB DYLAN. This whole interview IS INSANE and wonderful. Joni Mitchell also says: "When Prince later became a star, he told me, 'You used to be shocking, but I can cut you now!'"

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Freddie (#4,189)

I like Joni Mitchell; I just don't give a fuck about authenticity.

kneetoe (#1,881)

Thank you and yes.

Bittersweet (#765)

Mind that was already blown by John Kelly (whose show I must see before I die) completely exploded seeing Joni Mitchell discuss multi-colored fibers protruding from her skin. Whoa, indeed.

Crantastical (#4,127)

My parents' neighbor claims to have Morgellons. She also states that these same parasites got into her canned food and infected her cats.

So do they have these multi-colored fibers coming out of their skin??!? Things that are neither animal nor mineral and that explode your organs? I've never heard of this and I am afraid of catching it from google.

irishbreakfast (#4,123)

How the hell can you tell if 'fibers' are protruding from a cat? Wouldn't that be cat hair? Or are they "like mushrooms after a rainstorm"? Good lord. This has gotta be a House episode, with John Kelly playing Joni.

Crantastical (#4,127)

The cats didn't have any multicolored fibers. She actually took them to the vet to be put down because she thought they were irrevocably infected. My mom flipped out and called the vet (hers also), turns out he just told her he euthanized them and found fosters.

I'm not sure if this is a real disease or not but it def draws a lot of internet self diagnosing crazies.

Erik Maza (#4,544)

madonna like nero! i think thats kind of fabulous. but talk about a pot kettle situation here. joni mitchell sounds a lot more narcissistic than madonna. thats gotta be some kinda record

Mar (#2,357)

Here is a poem by Joni Mitchell that the New Yorker published in Sept. 2007. It made me lose all respect for Joni Mitchell. This is as it should be. She's one of those people who doesn't know that the rainforest was creating by some ancient terraforming bros. She's one of those people who thinks that they're virtuous for not knowing how to plug in their VCRs (in 2010.) She believes in women's ways of knowing.

"Bad Dreams Are Good," by Joni Mitchell.

The cats are in the flower beds
A red hawk rides the sky
I guess I should be happy
Just to be alive
We have poisoned everything
And oblivious to it all
The cell-phone zombies babble
Through the shopping malls
While condors fall from Indian skies
Whales beach and die in sand
Bad Dreams are good
In the Great Plan

And you cannot be trusted
Do you even know you are lying?
It's dangerous to kid yourself
You go deaf, dumb, and blind
You take with such entitlement
You give bad attitude
You have No grace
No empathy
No gratitude
You have no sense of consequence
Oh, my head is in my hands
Bad Dreams are good
In the Great Plan

Before that altering apple
We were one with everything
No sense of self and other
No self-consciousness
But now we have to grapple
With this man-made world backfiring
Keeping one eye on our brother's deadly selfishness
Everyone's a victim here
Nobody's hands are clean
There's so very little left of wild Eden Earth
So near the jaws of our machines
We live in these electric scabs
These lesions once were lakes
We don't know how to shoulder blame
Or learn from past mistakes
So who will come to save the day?
Mighty Mouse. . . ? Superman. . . ?
Bad Dreams are good
In the Great Plan

In the dark
A shining ray
I heard a three-year-old boy say
Bad Dreams are good
In the Great Plan.

Che Joubert (#244,784)

@Mar Are you insane? Losing respect for Joni Mitchell is 'as it should be?' Who cares if she believes in 'women's ways of knowing?' Who cares who she voted for or if she shares our personal mythical beliefs? She's arguably the finest songwriter of our era, and certainly the finest lyric writer since the romantic classical period. This is an amazing universe that contains souls of such little virtue as yourself.

Mar (#2,357)

*created," not *creating." However, the mid-sentence capitalization of "No grace" is totally sic, pure Mitchelliana.

Q-Tip was wrong. Joni Mitchell sometimes lies.

Anyone who speaks ill of Dylan automatically goes on my shit list. No exceptions (except for Dylan himself?).

Baboleen (#1,430)

I can't believe that the interviewer didn't ask her to expand on her feelings about Dylan!! That, and Morgellons are the most interesting part of the interview.

Bittersweet (#765)

A little more about the Joni-Prince meeting would be great too.

Che Joubert (#244,784)

@Reginal T. Squirge Joni Mitchell is an original, a great songwriter in her own right, and entitled to her opinions on Dylan. I admired Dylan's songs very much, and Joni has said that also, in many interviews, but I was always put off by the almost psychically channeled atmosphere of his work, and by his phony vocal tone. It was only later that Dylan changed his singing voice back to his own, and said much the same – 'I don't even know the man now who once wrote those songs.'

Jeff Laughlin (#4,390)

Since she has Imminent Death Syndrome, does that mean we have to keep "liking" her songs?

Steve (#1,777)

He's a terrible harmonica player too.

Fair enough, but that's like saying Kurt Cobain was a terrible guitarist.

Brad Nelson (#2,115)

She's not wrong. It's just that these are all the reasons Dylan was great.

keisertroll (#1,117)

I smell a Saskatchewan/Minnesota border war!!!

keisertroll (#1,117)

(Checks map)

keisertroll (#1,117)


Pandemic Endemic (#3,825)

I think Joni Mitchell is secretly the webmistress (or webgoddess? webgaia?) for Melanie Griffith's Magic Door website.

Jason Keis (#4,554)

A Washington Square Park Tribute to the 50th Anniversary
of Bob Dylan's arrival to New York City

Legs Battaglia (#2,484)

I thought all men automatically hated Joni Mitchell. That the sound of her voice makes their ears bleed.

Che Joubert (#244,784)

@Legs Battaglia To my knowledge Joni Mitchell was considered the love object/songwriter of the 70's for college men. But Neil Young, during the 70's, was called 'Mr. Soul and I suppose you're just too young to know much about all this. Btw – she has a very gentle, feminine voice – it's hard to understand why you find it irritating. (But of course many men do not like women, so why should I be surprised.)

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