Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Gabriel Snyder Now Executive Editor of 'Newsweek' Digital

Oh, it's a tricky job-as Devin Gordon found out. The former editor of Gawker, however, is yet just the latest victim of the hiring thaw in Manhattan media!

To: The Staff

From: Jon Meacham and Mark Miller

We are thrilled to announce that Gabriel Snyder, Gawker's former editor in chief and a journalist with broad experience in print and digital media, is joining us as Executive Editor, Newsweek Digital. Gabriel helped transform Gawker from what was a guilty pleasure for a Manhattan-centric audience to a vibrant source of real news and information, doubling Gawker's audience. Gabriel also has been a senior writer at W magazine and at Variety where he covered the film industry. A native of Tennessee, Gabriel began his career as a media reporter at The New York Observer after graduating from Yale in 1998.

In our conversations with Gabriel, we have been impressed not only with his sophisticated knowledge of Web technique and Internet philosophy but with his understanding of the mission and potential for the soon-to-be re-launched and our growing stable of digital offerings. Day in and day out, Newsweek's digital staff has performed heroically, often in very difficult circumstances. Working with us, Geoff Reiss, Dan Klaidman, Carl Sullivan, Kathy Jones, and the rest of our editorial team, Gabriel will help us ensure that the outstanding journalism we produce every day reaches the biggest, most effective audience.

Gabriel formally begins work on May 3 but will come in soon to meet folks. He will report to Mark Miller. Please join us in welcoming him to Newsweek.

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He will report to Mark Miller and America.

Abe Sauer (#148)

"We don't really have a point in showing you this article except to bring to attention what has probably been percolating in your brain since you first set foot on these metallic shores: This is Yale's city. You're just living in it."

katiebakes (#32)


David Cho (#3)

She's seriously been typing like this all day long.

Rod T (#33)

From what I've seen, Yale grads are great at networking and not actually working.

doubled277 (#2,783)

But work is so fucking boring

LolCait (#460)

I told you!

kneetoe (#1,881)

Rock on, Yale School of Forestry. (No, really.)

I don't blame Snyder, but: guilty pleasure > real news, at least for us bored office drones.

Delta (#1,314)

Isn't this like the 18th relaunch in three years of Newsweek/

Slava (#216)

I think this means that he'll be in charge of the Newsweek Tumblr account.

mcoatney (#4,517)


RonMwangaguhung (#3,697)

Ah, the thaw!

Jim Behrle (#3,292)

Help me. Is NEWSWEEK digital also available in my dentist's office?

Tuna Surprise (#573)

It is if you take your ipad?

Foster Kamer (#554)


JaguarPaw (#312)

For a second I got excited…but then I realized this wasn't about Gabe Delahayne. Sorry.

sweetpickles (#812)

Someone got a job in the media! Quick, alert the media. Someone outside the media will surely care.

irishbreakfast (#4,123)

The let people from Tennessee into Yale?

lexalexander (#2,960)

Memo to Gabriel Snyder: You have a political reporter, Andrew Romano, who just claimed on your Web site to have never seen Glenn Beck before being assigned a story on him. That's like having a sewer worker on your staff who has never seen a turd.

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