Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

British Politician Goes To Work On An Egg

Consider the general election in Britain now OFFICIALLY underway, as the first dairy-related splattering of the campaign season occurred earlier this morning. (British elections are a time when the nation comes together to put down its knives and pick up some eggs, with occasional fisticuffs resulting.) Today's victim was Conservative leader David Cameron, who was struck on the shoulder while campaigning at a college in Cornwall. Does the choice of Cameron to be the initial recipient of an ovoid attack suggest that his chances of winning an overall majority have now improved? Stay tuned: The Race to Run Knifecrime Island is ON!

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Turboslut (#1,036)

Clearly a mistake. The chav in question was obviously so drunk he mistook a broken bottle for an egg. Totally understandable

Eggs are parve, not dairy, I thought.

kneetoe (#1,881)

Milk chocolate egg.

Grant Oberg (#4,505)

Knowing the UK's criminal justice system, he'll be detained for a few days, then taken before a judge who won't let him speak, but will be happy to give him an ASBO preventing him from getting within 10 meters of David Cameron, Cornwall, or eggs. Such is what happens when you commit the worst crime ever: embarrassing a rich person.

iPud (#3,205)

I think they already released him; "According to a Conservative aide, the young man was quickly released after police established that he was not carrying any more missiles."

Art Yucko (#1,321)

as long as the Spivs/Chavs/Divvys aren't wielding Scotch Eggs. That'd be a terrible waste of deep-fried meat-

Matt (#26)

Dude, the kids in Columbia Heights would totally just throw some bricks at these "wankers."

jfruh (#713)

To meet British scary-youth standards, the egg-thrower was of course wearing a hoodie. Note that upon his arrest the police put the hood up over his head to make his status clear.

roboloki (#1,724)

eggcrime island?

Knifecrime Eggland. (Ever see that awful Sunday comic filled with never-ending egg puns? Quick Googling isn't turning anything up.)

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