Thursday, March 4th, 2010

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KarenUhOh (#19)

But feisty Quentin Tarantino blows one to bits in his upcoming historical fantasy, Adam & Eve & Ted & Alice.

stevespillman (#3,199)

Remember how on Sex and the City, she used a Mac that wasn't actually a Mac? Like, the apple was upside down and sort of pasted onto a Dell?

That is in fact a Mac! The PowerBook G3 in fact. I had one and they did it upside down because when the lid was closed, the Apple was facing you. It was very much about me, me, me you see.

stevespillman (#3,199)

I feel dumb. And young.

Sorry! Not my intention…and yes, I'm and old. :(

lululemming (#409)

Maybe they can buy an Oscar with all the money they make from people having to buy new powercords and plastic sealing edging for their 13 month old macbooks. Not relevant to the story, but I needed to vent somewhere.

ugh, yes. however, if you work with or near an electrical engineer, they can sometimes fix 'em. even after your cats ate through it.

kryz (#311)

Yeah for Stereo Total!

It's my experience that actual real-world businesses almost never use Apple. So seeing them in movies for business purposes is strange.

Bittersweet (#765)

To be fair, though, how many real-world businesses do you actually see in movies? Actors in movies always seem have what Hollywood considers 'glamorous' careers in PR or journalism or espionage. When is Brad Pitt ever an accountant or a brand manager?

Real talk, Bittersweet. Real talk.

That reminds me: Notice that the computers in "Office Space" are shitty, huge PC's. Because work is shitty, and "Office Space" is just about the best cinematic representation of that.

ericspiegelman (#3,421)

If you work in Hollywood and your office has PCs, your boss probably types URLs into Google.

Jared (#1,227)

This is too long an article not to find space for iCarly and her Pear laptop. All Awl readers watch iCarly, right?

HiredGoons (#603)

I cannot unsee that picture of Alec Baldwin, Mr. Sauer.

God, he was so hot in Beetlejuice. I guess that's what being married to Kim Basinger will do.

Also, I really really enjoyed the last part of your post highlighting the attempts to obscure the logo.

It's all "The Shadow"'s fault.

Actually he looks better in that screen cap than he does in the the movie. He looked much pudgier in it.

WHAT? That is totally hot! I am going imagine him reciting Balk's "How to Have Sex" paragraph from a more recent post and die contented, the holy trinity of hotness finally and fully realized.

paisinbah (#3,901)

Pudgy or not, that guy is hot!! Just oozing sex :)

Bittersweet (#765)

Fantastically researched and reasoned piece as usual, Abe. Thanks.

Slava (#216)

" just as they wouldn't question why various religions are featured in movies."

Oh, really?

lululemming (#409)

"sent from Abe's iPhone"

lululemming (#409)

Also "Apple has steered clear of this reputation because the brand is more a religion than anything else," said Lindstrom. "[The study] showed a clear correlation between the brand Apple and the faith of Christianity. What is the correlation? Ambiguous!

That seemed muddy to me too. Is the Apple cult like Christianity or do Christians love Apple.

mathnet (#27)

It's not a bite-of-the-apple, Adam-and-Eve thing?

bshep (#746)

I know! As someone annoyed by both Apple and god, I wanted some elaboration there too. I did find this, from an NPR piece: "what [we] actually saw from the Buyology study when we scanned people belonging to the faith of Christianity and then we compared that with people which are strong fans of Apple was exactly the same regions in the brain were activated." The whole thing is here:

Abe Sauer (#148)

Good point. The NPR interview was separate from my conversation with Martin; but clearly, he hits the same points. "Same regions of the brain impacted" part seemed to have not made it into this and it should have. Oversight.

Baroness (#273)

In Andy Warhol's "Diaries", he describes being at a Thanksgiving 1983 dinner party at Yoko Ono's apartment. Bowie and Madonna are also there. Warhol wanders to a bunch of people in Sean's room, where "some kid is setting up one of those Apple computers". The "kid" springs up to greet him, "Hi, I'm Steve Jobs."

Even before product placement, Jobs was very keen on real-life placement, getting his products in the hands of the "right" people, tastemakers, before anyone else. The Macintosh he was setting up for Sean would famously come out 2 months later. It was a sort of high-end salesmanship he never really stopped, at least when a new product was launching.

HiredGoons (#603)

Ugh, I love the Warhol diaries – read it cover-to-cover.

Baroness (#273)

Yeah. Poor Andy, he felt so unloved. It really comes through in the diaries, how much he wanted love and it eluded him. And he could tell of such a gathering- Warhol, Yoko, Bowie, Madonna, and Steve Jobs- as just another night because he had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, sigh. But as a reader, you're like, damn that's some guest list.

HiredGoons (#603)

Also: really hilarious and self-deprecating and sometimes (esp. w/ Pat Hackett) SO down to Earth you're almost taken aback.

Baroness (#273)


But I thought Macs were the tool of the godless liberal elite, not "Real Americans"…

And yet Rush Limbaugh is one of the most vocal Apple fanbois around. It never made sense to me, but…

Kawika Holbrook (#3,915)

DPs (directors of photograhy) have also reported MacBooks are easier to light, given their uniform colors, clean lines, and lack of stickers, colored ports, and such.

My dentist office in three different states used Macs, my eye doctors office does, my Wife goes to a quick care medical center that is all Mac too. My accountant back when I lived in LV had 17 Macs in his office. If you go to most any ad agency, catalog company, marketing firm, and retailer in the creative departments they will all be Macs as most people know but go into research, genetics, physics and you will also find lots of Macs in these industries too. Just because people working for big IT firms don't see Mac's in their offices don't mean they are not around at others.

And I have to wonder, so often we see Mac's in placements on shows where the logo is covered with a generic circle or a pear, are these counted too?

I would guess that part of the reason we see so many Mac's in programs and movies is that the creative people who place them there are also using them. I know when I have worked at retailers when they want to show someone using the online store it is a Photographer, Art Director, or Designer who decides what props to use and since they almost exclusively use Mac's there are always Mac's on the sets and in the studios so you just grab what is around when you need a laptop prop. Further, when the IT industry and trade journals were so hard on Apple in the late 90s creative people would go out of their way to place Mac's in advertising shots and movies. No prompting form Apple was necessary, we just did it on purpose.

Setec Astrology – Although Creative People and Mac users are supposedly liberal I have worked in Creative fields all my adult life and been a Mac user since the Lisa (although fully skilled with Sun, Windows, and various forms of UNIX) Still I'm a conservative and have worked in places like San Francisco, home of the ultra left in offices of creative people who were all conservative or libertarian. Sotheir I guess the stereotypes really don't always work.

Baroness (#273)

Except the ones about grammar and spelling.

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