Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Who's Running Mexico?

DURANGO"Ten students on their way to receive government scholarships were killed by gunmen at a checkpoint in the state of Durango," reports the LA Times this morning. Which: Jesus Christ. One could safely assume this was not a military checkpoint? "The checkpoint appeared to be the ad hoc type of roadblock often set up by drug traffickers who control parts of Durango, not a military installation, state prosecutors said." And: "Interior Minister Fernando Gomez Mont… denied that the checkpoint was staffed by soldiers." So… the government had to deny that the military butchered a bunch of teens and pre-teens? That's a lot of denials!

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Flashman (#418)

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

dorothy (#1,694)

Checkpoints – for most of the rest of the world – are usually things run by the government. I can see why they're trying to make the distinction. Still, how sad that drug gangs have that much authority in that part of Mexico that such a thing could be a point of confusion.

And not to sound like a total hippie, but considering Mexico's bloody drug war is in part fueled by US consumers' demand for recreational marijuana, just another reason to legalize it …

WindowSeat (#180)

I was under the impression that Mexico produced very low quality marijuana and the US demand fueling the trafficking through Mexico was mostly cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.

dorothy (#1,694)

That sounds likely, but I think there might be a chance we could actually legalize marijuana. And it definitely seems like part of the equation.

"The best next-step we have towards reducing the violence in Mexico is ending marijuana prohibition. The Drug Enforcement Agency estimates that 60% of the cartels profits come from marijuana, a plant that more than one-half of Americans have consumed at some point in their lives. Regulating the multi-billion dollar marijuana market would significantly diminish the power of the cartels."


petejayhawk (#1,249)

I was under the impression that most methamphetamine was produced in Missouri bathtubs.

WindowSeat (#180)

I'm with you on lifting the marijuana prohibition, I'm not a consumer (makes me mad paranoid), but I see no use in making criminals out of the people who want to partake and grow some for their personal use. I'd love to grow it for Christmas gifts to go with the liquor and fatty/salty/sugary things I already send. I already supply my friends with thyme,sage and dried chilis.

WindowSeat (#180)

That's the Artisinal/locavore meth. You get to meet the chemist and everything. Not as safe as a Framer's Market…

ow that hurt (#3,919)

you can't drive ANYWHERE in Mexico anymore.

I drove down here, like a year
ago, but i'll probably leave the car behind and fly back.

A friend drove near mexico city the other day, and got police-jacked
for about $500. This means you are "lucky"

I could go on, but, hey, it's bad for tourism!


roboloki (#1,724)

master blaster runs barter town

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