Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Republican Condemns (Mentioning) Violence

In the wake of the rise in threats and acts of violence against Democratic members of Congress who supported the health care bill, Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) is taking a strong stand. He's against it. Specifically, he's against Democrats "politicizing" it, or even talking about it, really, because God knows all you need to do to set off some brickthrowing gun nut is to put out a press release noting that your office has been damaged. Some might be tempted to see this as a remarkably transparent attempt by Cantor to distance the Republican party from recent disgraceful behavior and to portray Democrats as whiny pussies who are wetting their pants over a few minor death threats and incidents of vandalism in hopes that they might further their agenda, but I think that's a little too cynical. Eric Cantor knows exactly who most vociferously supports The Party of No, and he knows exactly what they're capable of. I think he's genuinely concerned for the safety of his friends across the aisle, and this is how he's trying to help.

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garge (#736)

I am sorry–I made the mistake of thinking I was too jaded to be surprised by contemporary politics. My head just exploded. I think that, for a millisecond prior to this happening, I looked just like that cat in the video, but only the office surveillance videos can really tell.

Kevin (#2,559)

Unmitigated gall!

brent_cox (#40)

Well you know, the way those Representatives' offices were dressed, they were just asking for it.

oudemia (#177)

The one teabagger* in my Facebook feed is essentially accusing Obama of shooting up Cantor's office himself. WHY IS OBAMA SILENT???!?

*This is an NJ teabagger — he harbors racist, eliminationist fantasies about all Muslims, but thinks gay folks should be able to get married. Progress!

Pop Socket (#187)

My Facebook teabagger insisted that all the racial slurs were done by Democratic plants. Because they are completely unfamiliar with Occams Razor.

HiredGoons (#603)

@oudemia: this MAY be my uncle.

On first viewing, I began to get rage-y. Then I realized that this is actually just an updated twist on their shopworn "You're the racist for talking about racism!" gambit, and I got bored again.

ljnd (#86)

Yeah, we've heard this about sexual harrassment too: "It's YOUR fault for making a big DEAL out of it."

Telegram Sam (#3,847)

Our Founding Fathers, born-again Christians all of them, customarily delivered vital messages via notes attached to bricks. Back in those days everyone had wooden shutters which would be left open during business hours. It is the so-called victim's elitist use of glass, a Middle-Eastern invention, which is the real crime here. And they are the ones who should apologize.

barnhouse (#1,326)

(you're my main man.)

Abe Sauer (#148)

While usually striving quite a bit to see the right's side, I am getting a little face-punchy with the current sudden turn to state's rights advocacy. When terrorists fly planes into new york skyscrapers, right wingers in red state small towns want to claim the grief because "love it or leave it these colors don't run god bless america" we're all the USA! USA! USA! But then when the elected governing body of said USA! takes action, it's all back to being a confederation of independent states. Dipshits. Some people you just cannot reach. The ultimate irony is that this very healthcare reform bill will make keep this aging demogrpahic's lunacy alive longer than necessry.

roboloki (#1,724)

it pisses me off that the proud americans that are in favor of "spreading democracy" across the globe are the ones that become incensed when a democracy does not give them exacty what they want.

KarenUhOh (#19)

I, for one, am sick of Republican-bashing among the pink media and all you East Coast Elitists. The G.O.P. is the Party of Love. Every time you turn on your TV, there they are, begging you to let them show you how much they care by fucking you up the ass.

hman (#53)

"in this building" – huh.

paco (#2,190)

I think he's genuinely concerned for the safety of his friends across the aisle, and this is how he's trying to help.

Balk, I cannot tell if you are kidding.

paco (#2,190)

Also, if you are being serious, I think you're giving Cantor way too much credit.

See, e.g.,

the teeth (#380)

Cantor is simply concerned that an irate tea-partyer, enraged at the MSM's unfair portrayal of his movement as a group of racist nutjobs, might cap one of his good friends across the aisle in retaliation.

EvilMonkey (#1,063)

And, and, and… the Jews should just stop with the whole Holocaust and Hitler thing. Jeez, how much mileage do you expect to get out of that one? Complaining about being exterminated by some European country is just fanning the flames and is reprehensible. Enough is enough, it has to stop. Let's get back to the important issues facing our nation, like getting some nut job tea-klanner to start assasinating the leaders of the political party that just ass-fucked me and my fellow republicunts.

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