Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Not Only, But Also

The meaning of life AND the making of Nick Denton's fortune, all in one handy advice column. Contains hobbitry.


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"There's a pretty wide road between a "nice fulfilling social life" and waking up with alcohol poisoning, a naked stranger and gonorrhea."

I gotta disagree with him right there.

Tuna Surprise (#573)

Where's Jolie hosting our Awl meet-up when you need her? Bourbon balls and bjs for everyone!

jolie (#16)

Awww. (God, I could really use a bourbon ball and a good face-fucking right about now.)

brianvan (#149)

That made me nostalgic. I'm going to take a brick and write "Why don't you throw more commenter parties on your roof Mr Denton?" and throw it into the windows of Gawker Media, even though by now we wouldn't go if they had such a party. But still. I blame him anyway. (And I still have my commenting star, unbelievably.)

KarenUhOh (#19)

I'm live-blogging my writer's block.

WindowSeat (#180)

Hey if this kid would cut out the drinking for a few weeks I'd be happy to hang out with him, but really; no drinking for at least two weeks. The liver and kidneys and other organs are worthless if they're damaged.

Vulpes (#946)

You mean being a sun-allergic recluse who's only form of social interaction is through pop culture forums and witty banter on a bear-videos site WON'T make me a fascinating individual with a whirlwind social life? Now Ken tells me…

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