Friday, March 5th, 2010

John Roberts Rumor Started To Prove Point Proves Point

BLAME THE TEACHERThis is pretty great: Above the Law pegs yesterday's "John Roberts is Retiring" rumor to a Georgetown Law class about… rumors and trusted sources. Unfortunately, most of the professor's students were too busy sexting about the news to reflect upon the actual topic of the lecture: "on the credibility and reliability of informants," and when the professor, Peter Tague, revealed he was just teaching them a lesson, they had to re-sext all their friends that, no, John Roberts was not indeed going to retire yesterday. Love it.

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barnhouse (#1,326)

Hoo boy, breakfast of champions. Great story, amazing moustache.

KarenUhOh (#19)

"Okay. So it wasn't really a FIRE fire."

Matt Langer (#2,467)

More like "on the credibility and reliability of Radar Online" amirite?

Despite considering dropping a load of human excrement on the desk of house minority leader John Boehner, President Obama will not, I have exclusively learned.

Also, the story made NO SENSE on the face of it (a conservative justice would never retire with a Democrat in the White House). So there was that.

barnhouse (#1,326)

Well yeah, but I was hoping against hope for a gay ball-touching sex scandal! Oh well.

gumplr (#66)

Sort of weird, if you are a West Wing nerd: the Chief Justice who was maybe losing it but didn't want to quit and more conservative replacement… was named Roy Ashland.

Chief Justice John Roberts didn't have a gay sex scandal yesterday, but someone else did. That someone was Roy Ashburn.

Wasn't this the plot of Dave or something?

Jesse Ventura

bb (#295)

I wonder actually if such a scandal would bring a justice down. After all, they are not elected or impeachable. It would have to be something a lot more serious than that, I would think?

bb (#295)

oops that was for barnhouse.

oudemia (#177)

No, I think they are impeachable. What is vaguely amusing to me is that, if Roberts were involved in a ball-touching scandal and refused to step down, we liberals would step in to say, "You know, ball touching is totally fine and no one should have to resign over that" and the Republicans would say nothing, or talk about Jesus a lot, and nothing would happen. (One half of this offer not applicable to cases of Breyer or Stevens [!] ball rubbing.)

barnhouse (#1,326)

SUCH an interesting question. If it was a real live ball-touching scandal, I don't think even the corpocrats whose interests he serves would be able to save him. Wouldn't need to be impeached, even. The screams of indignation rising from bible-thumpers all over this great nation would alone be enough to force him to step down.

My question is why law students would think to first publicize this juicy tidbit to Zombie Radar?

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