Friday, March 26th, 2010

Byline Of The Day. Also, Whatever Happened To Joe Pesci?

No prizes for guessing: "Sinead O'Connor, a musician and mother of four, lives in Dublin."

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Why does the headline refer to her in the third person when her byline is on the piece?

To MisterHippity, That Seems Strange

By MisterHippity

Moff (#28)

Because when you run a column by Sinead O'Connor criticizing the pope, you wanna make damn sure your readers notice it's about Sinead O'Connor criticizing the pope.

Anyway, good column.

HiredGoons (#603)

This was so annoying to me too!

Yeah, for real, whatever happened to Joe Pesci? Someone please answer this.

Wikipedia says: "He is slated to star in the 2010 brothel drama Love Ranch , alongside Helen Mirren."

There's your weirdest news of the day.

Alex Balk (#4)


He was originally slated (by the screenwriter) for the Bill Murray role in "Zombieland," but turned it down.

HelloTitty (#830)

The whole time I was reading "Joe Pesci" I was thinking Joe Piscopo, so your Wikipedia update made sense to me.

Mr.Ratzinger, tear down this wall!

kfon (#3,209)

Also, notice that the article was posted for Sunday the 28th. I know it's Britain and all, but it's still just Friday there. FUTURE SINEAD!

Also also, did you see the email address at the bottom? Do you think it's Sinead's? If so, why

I picture her all beautiful and bald with children at her feet, writing fiery anti-Pope missives with that glowing apple in front of her.

Someone email her! I'm afraid to.

I saw that email address too! The Washington Post is totally trying to deflect criticism about this op-ed in any and every way it can! (oh no, don't email us, email … uh, here, "Lucille6".)

My local Irish bar has a largeish mural featuring a wide variety of Irish cultural icons; this mural has always made me happy because, while it includes Sinead O'Connor, it (pointedly, I like to think) excludes U2.

LondonLee (#922)

But does it have The Undertones?

Let me go do some … research.

She's a minister in some kind of Baptist sect now, so personally I'd have to lump her right in there with Mr. Pope.

lempha (#581)


Rob Strong (#4,144)

Relatedly, the byline of the yesterday:

"Vienna Boys' Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals"
by: Roger Boyes

Best article/byline combo ever!

"Knife crime on the rise"
by: Stabby McStabberson

I remember thinking on 9/11, as planes and towers were falling, "Why can't these sons of bitches at least go get the Vatican too?"

Catholic school will do that to you.

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