But Alaska Is Rife with Liquid Black Bounty!

OPEC FEARS HIMThe same kind of scientists “frauds” who talk about “climate change” are also claiming that we are “running out of oil.” Sarah Palin is going to be pissed. Just insert scare quotes throughout: The scientist and researchers from Oxford University claimed official figures are inflated because Opec member countries over-reported reserves in the 1980s when competing for global market share. The new research, released today, said estimates of conventional reserves should be downgraded from 1.15 trillion barrels to 1.35 trillion barrels to between 850 billion and 900 billion barrels, adding that demand may outstrip supply as early as 2014.” And what’s more? Shia LaBeouf agrees that now is the time to go big in the market on oil! (Previously; previously; via.)