Friday, February 26th, 2010

The City In Winter

I Googled "happy snowman." Boy, does this fella ever look happy!You know what? It is kind of wonderful out there. The snowfall is light enough to be barely perceptible. The city is quiet-and oddly polite. Someone actually said "Excuse me" to me as they stepped out of my way. The streets are mostly walkable, and folks are out with their shovels on the patches of sidewalk that have yet to be cleared. I saw a dad with two little kids, all shoveling, and when the younger one got a decent amount in his little scoop and tossed it to the side, the harried dad smiled and boomed, "Great job, Jeremy!" And it was sweet, where usually I would find it kind of annoying! You guys, I think this snowstorm has somehow made real The New Niceness we've all heard so about this week. If you don't have to leave the house today-perhaps you are a New York City public school student, or a fatcat banker, or just utterly unemployable-you should put on some pants and step outside for a couple of minutes. Beauty like this is the most fleeting of all, and I'd hate for you to miss a second of it.


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johnpseudonym (#1,452)

The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

David Cho (#3)


conklin (#364)

Too soon!

KarenUhOh (#19)

I was working with some concept involving the equalizing effect that cause natural or widepsread events–e.g., storms–to incorporate a civilizing cohort, but then this fucking bus splashed grey-green slush all over my pant cuff, so that I'm going to spend the rest of the day looking like I had an accident down my leg, and so I knocked a newsbox off the curb into the street and an old lady shrieked and some guy in a suit said "Hey, watch it!" and I concluded, Fuck Concepts, Anyhow. Experience always messes with abstraction.

C_Webb (#855)

I received an text from my NJ township telling me to come to the big tree in the square to join hands and sing like the Whos down in Whoville. This is either a symptom of the New Nice, or a ploy to tow our cars while we're gone.

The espresso service on number 1 line was delightful.
Kudos to MTA snow emergency plan!

Clip Arthur (#2,024)


Seriously, I love this!

Annie K. (#3,563)

How nice, Mr. Balk, that the flip side of depression is hedonia. That post is as pretty as the snow.

ericdeamer (#945)

Utterly unemployable here and I am LOVING this day. I'm addicted to these human interest fluff pieces about how people are dealing with the snow. I think I am going to bundle up my supercute Shih-Tzu and go out looking for reporters.

Tuna Surprise (#573)

Make sure you wear shorts and tennis shoes with no socks. Claim the cold doesn't bother you. This is a guaranteed way to get on the TV.

lbf (#2,343)

That was yesterday's weather report.

Since then, a contented front has moved in.

katiebakes (#32)

Main Street may be lovely today, but Wall Street didn't get the memo.

Alex Balk (#4)

Maybe we should do another bailout.

Mindpowered (#948)

What, more shoveling money?

Be sure you use proper technique.

brent_cox (#40)

Absolutely. This snow event is not like those last snow events. Life: 75% less meaningless.

Mindpowered (#948)

According to my wet coast paper you all deserved it.

"Heavy winter storms lambaste U.S. Northeast"

josh_speed (#97)

The snow adds a layer of silence and reduces visual noise. And makes one appreciate summer more?

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