Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

CGI Gordon Brown Slaps People Around

The geniuses at Apple Action News (you may remember their work from this or this) have weighed in on the allegations of bullying by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The way he manhandles his secretary here is VERY DISTURBING!

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Dave Bry (#422)

Geniuses is right. The cut to the clapping audience around the one minute mark, after the battery in the car, is amazing.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

The real laugh-out-loud moment for me was when ghostly red letters spelling out "fucking ego" inexplicably floated by.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Thank God. I thought that was for ME.

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

The graphics for Grand Theft Auto V have really taken a step back.

k-rex (#2,909)

Did he threaten actually threaten Ringo in a car, or was Ringo just imagining that?

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Ringo, have you been hitting the Friskies again?

sailor (#396)

Can we assume the two glowing piles of paper were in "the heat of the moment" as well?

josh_speed (#97)

When those two glow-y books were on the desk, it was very David Lynch…

Alex Balk (#4)

They were meant to represent the government data on 25 million people that GOT LOST IN THE MAIL.

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