Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Carly Fiorina Delivers Best Political Ad Ever

DEVIL SHEEPHoly mackerel, the American businesswoman executive who wants to be Senator Carly Fiorina is an insane person! Who would vote for the person who made such a crazy video? (A: Crazy people.)

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rj77 (#210)

HiredGoons (#603)

So… the very smart, or the very dumb? Is she trying to secure her bi-polar or her schizophrenic base?


SemperBufo (#1,849)

Good lord, worst political ad in TV history. I think this must be a hoax, or a rough draft or something. (Also, what's with the announcer's accent? Was that Regis Philbin?)

I think it was a white man from California trying to sound like a black man from New Orleans, but only for exactly 1/8 of the time, spread out through all the words.

SemperBufo (#1,849)

Now I'm replaying the whole script in my head as read by The Cajun Chef, and I have to say it's a lot more convincing.

crookedE (#1,817)

I really REALLY hate to say it, but my first thought when I heard that voice was Jimmy McNulty. So, I guess it is an Englishman doing a Baltimore accent?

batshit, people: bat. shit. Crazy.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Sorry, sweets. You want my vote, you put on the antlers.

HiredGoons (#603)

Exactly how tall is his pillar, hon?

Patrick Tutwiler (#3,297)

YES! I will vote for that man with the eyes and the crawling in the grass!!!!!

Screen Name (#2,416)

I only watched til the animated lamb fell off the pedestal thing because I can never understand their accents on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Sweetie (#519)

And look! We can donate just by clicking on the ad to the right! Here! Take my money before the hell-eyed, Levis-wearing sheep crawls out of its pasture and eats my soul!

jfruh (#713)

Why do we only catch glimpses of the person at the end who I assume is supposed to be Carly? Is that her stunt double or something?

hockeymom (#143)

So does this mean Jerry Brown gets to be governor again?

I don't understand, am I supposed to want to vote for a sheep or a wolf? Is Tom Campbell bad because he's a sheep on a pedestal or because he's a wolf? Does that make Carly Fiorino a regular, ground-based sheep? And if there's a wolf prowling around wouldn't it be better to up on the pedestal even with all the lightning? Or is lightning the budget? Is it too late for Gary Coleman to run again?

rj77 (#210)

And what about the pigs??!!

HiredGoons (#603)

I just watched this again AND THE MUSIC!!!

Magister (#1,444)

I haven't seen any polls, but if she doesn't get the nomination, she's given the Dems some viral ammo.

Liquid (#546)

You can just tell someone referred to Campbell as a wolf in sheep's clothing, and someone else said 'Yes! Run with it! RUN WITH IT!'

Unfortunately, they seem not to have thought that perhaps people *don't* want their politicians to be, well, sheep.

Huh. So she just slapped some crappy narration over a deleted scene from The Wicker Man?

Guess she'll be the next governor.

Dr. Pipt (#2,130)

Absolute brilliance! Where's the 3-D Imax version?

I want to know which staff member pulled the short straw and had to wear that costume.

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