Friday, February 19th, 2010

Broken Social Scene, "World Sick"

The sprawling and wonderful Canadian collective Broken Social Scene have released a new song (mp3 there). It's called "World Sick," and it is pretty sprawling and wonderful, and it will be on their new album which comes out in May. The video above is of them playing it on stage at last fall's North By Northeast music conference in Toronto. They look like Molly Hatchet with all those guitars up there.

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Steve (#1,777)

They're playing SXSW in March, and needless to say, I will be front and center trying to repress my fanboy-dom in a sea of hipster detachment.

conrad (#2,470)

You mean last fall's NXNE in Toronto. And yeah, what a tune.

Dave Bry (#422)

Gah! I must have written than sitting upside down. (Fixed now. And thank you.)

Yay for this! I liked the Broken Social Scene Presents… series but there's nothing like Kevin Drew fronting the entire ensemble.

hihowareyou (#2,712)

The men and women of BSS are a bunch of Canadian musical genuises. Thank you for paying credence.

Flashman (#418)

Somebody just wrote a book about them, but I'm not sure I want to read it, based on the reactions of various members of the 'collective'. Best not to know, sometimes, how your aural sausages are made.

I went to a Halloween concert they gave at my college my senior year. The concert wasn't on Halloween but on Halloween weekend. I had already worn my first costume (a child's batman costume that I had ripped apart to fit) several times and wanted a change, so to this concert, I wore black vinyl pants, a black vinyl jacket, a black Lou Reed t-shirt, and the black cloth Batman mask, which I wore sunglasses over — my costume concept was "hipster Batman." The concert was crowded and I quickly got very hot in all the vinyl I was wearing and I drank bottle after bottle High Life to try to be less hot but that just made me dehydrated and irritable. BSS began to play and they were incredibly loud and I started to get a headache and after a while I was just praying for them to stop playing, please, so I could go home, and they played for so long and now I can't listen to them anymore.

(that was kind of like a Public Apology except without the humor or the apology)

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