Monday, February 15th, 2010

5-Year-Old Fashion Blogger Freaks Out Crazies, Stupids

A 5-YEAR-OLD, PEOPLEThe Internet really is getting stupider. The gals over at Racked had to explain to their outraged commenters that their 5-year-old fashion week correspondent was kind of a parody of the very real weird teen blogger fashion world mania. Their commenters actually went a little nuts: "Can we please have bloggers and editorials by grown ups, real editors, with actual jobs, and, gasp, life experience. Maybe women and men? Over 20 years old? PLEASE?" AND! "I guess your blog cant pay enough to hire an adult writer to blog abt fashion week. I wont be visiting your site again." At least the 5-year-old was using apostrophes?

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Oh shit. That kid stays with that creepy-robot-kill look on her face. Seriously, look at those pictures. Scary. As. Fuck.

Yeah so Mary HK Choi to the World totally called that Tavi backlash! Overheard while waiting in line this morning for Carlos Miele: "That bitch got into the party and I didn't! Forget about her, she's only like 13. Ooh look there's Mary Rambin!"

hugesunglasses (#2,696)

Yeah but you missed my comment, "Can somebody get the kid a fucking tiara?!?!?"

Clip Arthur (#2,024)

This is brilliant!

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