Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Lazy Samberg Video Amuses

This parody of Andy Samberg's cookie cutter SNL Digital Shorts is actually pretty good! [Via]

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Abe Sauer (#148)

ha ha ha. people who achieve things and are liked are dumb.

iplaudius (#1,066)

It would have a point, if it were funny, or at least as good as Samberg's shorts. Thing is, it's not.

wiilliiaamm (#225)


Can I like both things?

Moff (#28)

That's where I'm at.

Here's the thing: I appreciate you, Adam, I really do. But this "laser cats" thing? It's testing the bounds of that like.

Screen Name (#2,416)

Whoever put this video together should be on SNL.

I think this video should be on SNL! It would be a totally classy move.

Dude could have just written down a list of 4 or 5 things he doesn't like about Samberg and the digital shorts and it would have been just as funny or, more accurately, not funny.

Also, just realized how critical I'm being today. It is probably too late, but damn, a bear eating a sandwich video or something would be fantastic

Ribs (#2,690)

On point when they're sending up Samberg's not-greatness, off point when they parody a digital short that makes you miss the funny of the original.

runnr_az (#1,689)

Eh. Kinda funny…

I do like the line "Security guards cancelled my wine" though…

davidwatts (#72)

This is very funny, especially if you care about comedy as an art form. Let's not forget that Sandyboy was just another asshole making random internet videos until he was plucked to continue spending 2 afternoons a week recording zanee videos with his two best friends. Not that they're not funny, but, you know. They're just a few steps up from Chocolate Rain. Which is also funny! But THAT guy on SNL, all you humorless Samberg-defenders.

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