Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Grindr: When Gays Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real

Grindr: the iPhone app that is the future of insane, GPS-locating gay cruising? Or the scariest gay bar on earth that is all over the earth? Only America's best Tumblr, Guys I Blocked On Grindr, can tell you (that the answer is the latter most likely).

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josh_speed (#97)

Has anyone brought up the possibility this will be used by insane fagbashers to locate and worse…?

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

I assume you mean "locate and get capped by the guy in the photo."

josh_speed (#97)

Yeah, this does not bode well: violent gayhaters, possessed ex-boyfriends, wives in 'straight' couples who suspect something is up…

flossy (#1,402)

Bruce LaBruce's iPhone just exploded.

Ted Maul (#205)

I'm really enjoying Michel and his elderly ladyfriend.

HiredGoons (#603)

I think JBear is preggers.

hman (#53)

The 'grinder' that removes my penis from steel pipes sounds less painful – and less embarrassing.

Vulpes (#946)

Rod, is this your new website?

Liquid (#546)

He's got *57 pages* of blocked guys…
Hmm, am I missing something important as a gay dude? Like maybe an iPhone?

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Curse this website's NSFW siren song.

ecgroom (#570)

Damn – you gays are freeky deeky.
I love y'all, but DAMN!

HiredGoons (#603)


joeclark (#651)

Common categories appear to be "Fatties," "Orientalists," "Gingers," "Goths," and "Females."

There's no pleasing some people!

(Also [autobloggatio]: Curated Guys with iPhones. Still.)

njcnyc (#1,333)

Thank you for uncovering this piece of sad visual poetry.

Patrick M (#404)

PRO TIP! One can use one's iPhone to get directions from, say, "Current Location" to "blowjob".

I'm too scared (and married) to test the accuracy but in Chicago it's currently sending me to a place called "Party Gals by Wendy": "31 minutes with traffic." PROMISING

nautilusjv (#2,458)

OY! This whole Grindr thing is ewwwww and the guy with the gun confirms it.

riggssm (#760)

Test post, ignore disregard.

I just want need to know if I can make strikeout text!

riggssm (#760)

Oh shit, I already forgot if I did strike or s first. Wait, can I make it slanty, too, or just lean

There're many apps like Grindr… Zenkiu ( it's more powerful as features alerts by proximity, or GayBox has a wonderful interface with many options… Imho Grindr was, maybe, the 1st, but it shouldn't be used as a "reference" app as many other are, at this moment, better or, at least, more convenient to use.

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