Monday, January 11th, 2010

Facebook Has Everything You've Ever Put On Facebook

Here is a conversation with an anonymous Facebook employee that makes me very happy I am not on Facebook.

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shelven (#1,992)

But they'll never know if you're clicking on an ex because you're stalking him or because your co-worker likes to look at him frequently to die laughing at you.

metoometoo (#230)

WTF? My name is Caitlin and I would really like to know what that has to do with poop.

HelloTitty (#830)

Wow. Your screename really resonates here.

I don't know, this stuff doesn't actually bother me all that much. Facebook is basically the online equivalent of the supermarket club card. Yeah, they creepily track everything I do and use it to their own business advantage, but in the end they send me customized coupons/I get to keep laughing at how bald the quarterback of my hs football team is.

sox (#652)

Servers "around the world" include two in CA, one in NY, and one in London?

But thinking people at FB don't track your shit is like believing your location/activities aren't tracked through the GPS and other features on your iphone…THEY'RE WATCHING YOU, BALK!

If that bothers you, you should probably get off the internet!

Undoubtedly. I think if people understood even a fraction of the data gathered in any web browser they'd be shocked. In sum total, it generally isn't all that horrific from a privacy perspective. But it certainly would make people more cautious about what they chose to enter in to a web browser and what they do in general on the internet.

Ignorance is indeed bliss in this case.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Wow. They really do care about me.

deepomega (#1,720)

Hope you never see an interview with an engineer at Gmail, then. This isn't really surprising or unusual!

I would like to be friends with this anonymous Facebook employee, I think.

That's it. I'm off to implode my account (for the third time). Per deepomega, however, this time I will be keeping thoughts about Zuckerberg et al. to myself.

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