Friday, December 11th, 2009

It's Like MTV and Facebook Just Aborted Their Baby!

BYEI don't know why I care, because I am not 17 to 24 and a lass, but I am pleased as punch with the cancellation of Alexa Chung's chat-Facebook-faux show on MTV. It was AWFUL. It was clearly garbage from the moment she announced it at the MTV ad-buyer upfronts. The head of programming crowed, "It's like if MTV and Facebook had a baby"! (To which we responded: "She is just Rocketboom plus Julia Allison plus platform extension, which I guess means there will be like eight girls locked in a room somewhere chatting on Facebook with viewers, sending messages that exhibit all the acumen and emotional connection of Eliza.") And now, we see the truth about "social networking"-her Twitter and her Facebook have gone all quiet. For once.

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Mary HK Choi (#1,469)

AHAHHAHAHAHAHA. I was WAITING for this post. I love how much you hate Alexa Chung. I love how I can FINALLY wear my Jeffrey Campbell rip-off atacoma acne wedges because she doesn't exist anymore. Poof! Magic!

anildash (#487)

That's interesting. How does that make you feel?

Does that question interest you?

joeclark (#651)

The questioner’s agenda interests me.

Ooo, an ELIZA namedrop -and- a themed comment. Be still, my blinktagged heart.

Don't you ever say Hello?

dorothy (#1,694)

I know why I don't like her. Because she is a vegetarian AND lists one of her fears as "carbs." The latter alone would be bad enough. But combined with the former? How?

thatsrealbutter (#2,095)

She also makes active tents out of her flaccid tent dresses which I find inexplicably infuriating

musicmope (#428)

Vegetarian + fear of carbs = fear of food. No wonder her show failed to survive.

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