Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

New Orleans Mayoral Hopeful Ushers In Sweary Campaign

Who in their right mind would want to be mayor of New Orleans? With colossal disappointment Ray Nagin term-limited out, all the big names have declined to make a run. Step forward, then, fair-housing advocate James Perry, who, if this commercial is any indication, has both questions and answers.

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beingiseasy (#1,735)

my future home (New Orleans) amazes more every day

jonnodotcom (#2,338)

God, I #$%&ing love this town.

jfruh (#713)

I think I'd reserve my judgment until I found exactly what those five major changes were going to be. "Day 3: Name of city officially changed from 'New Orleans' to 'Port Motherfucking Awesome.'"

theheckle (#621)

Why exactly would anyone be against that? Who wouldn't want to move to a place called 'Port Motherfucking Awesome'?

CSI: Port Motherfucking Awesome. Starring Rip Torn and a thousand dancing skeletons.

CheeseLouise (#2,074)

I have nothing much to add to this except to say that as one of Awl's New Orleans readers, I offer my services as election correspondent. The Saints are 10-0, so literally anything is possible right now and I think you'll want someone covering this on the ground.

southernbitch (#2,141)

As another NO resident, let me just say I wish I was remotely optimistic about anything being possible. Our city is too broke and too broken in a lot of respects to realistically change in a positive way- and I'm saying this with the unfortunate vantage point of being a relatively close observer to what's really happening in City Hall right now.

gotham (#1,572)

he's a fuckin Eagle Scout, he's got my fuckin vote. sheeet.

mathnet (#27)

But how does he cook a steak?

bshep (#746)

My favorite part is how he promises to cut the murder rate by 40%. Not by half, mind you, but 40%. So with 179 people murdered in New Orleans in 2008, if I'm doing my math right, 107 people can be killed in this guy's first year and he can claim success.

Remember, it's not murder if it's done by a chef*, wink.

I'm seeing a lot of chef's hats in the near future if this guy gets elected. and that's worse than murder.

*I have not actually attended law school but this is my understanding of the principal difference between Common Law and the Napoleonic Code.

southernbitch (#2,141)

I'm voting for him, and here's a better example as to why:


nnjg01 (#2,216)

I'm moving to New Orleans next week. People keep reminding me not to get murdered but I'm pretty fucking excited.

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