Monday, November 30th, 2009

Bruce Dickinson Proved Prescient By Dubai Financial Crisis

It's not like we couldn't have seen it coming. But I guess the hubris of building fake islands in the shape of the the earth's continents didn't give enough people enough pause. (Or indoor ski slopes in the desert. Or the reports of slave labor. Or the frequent lightning strikes on the Burj Dubai.) But one man, one very wise man was calling out a warning long before most. Now, now, as the hot Arabian sun turns all our wings to ashes, we must pause during our long plummet and say: You were right, Bruce. We should have listened. We all should have listened far more closely to Iron Maiden lyrics.

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Moff (#28)

Needs more…something.

HiredGoons (#603)

That's not lightning – it's discharge from the sheer amount of static electricity in the place generated by so many people walking on so much carpeting.


capbozo (#2,163)

A wise man, indeed. I can't imagine where i'd be today were it not for all the life lessons packed into – "War babies in the Garden of Eden, / Shall turn our ashes to ice." Goosebumps.

Fair enough. Where's my daughter?

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