What Time Is Spring Break, Four Loko?

Guess who’s back — or, really, I suppose, somehow, just never went away? We said it was over for New York’s love affair with Four Loko at the end of 2010 — and then we found out that nothing delicious ever dies. The brave brand soldiers on still in Real America, now apparently caffeine-less (finally!), although still being sued on behalf of dead college students from deaths five years ago. It’s got its marketing all worked out though. It is ON BRAND.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day: pic.twitter.com/qYnxdBW3JT

— Four Loko (@fourloko) February 8, 2015

How to be bae: pic.twitter.com/bXUNKHkRHz

— Four Loko (@fourloko) January 8, 2015

Me to Spring Break: Are we there yet? pic.twitter.com/3XXZNRonRR

— Four Loko (@fourloko) December 16, 2014