Yes, Virginia

There is a gender wage gap.1
There is a real world.2
There is poop in your well.3

There is hope.4
There is a G-Spot.5
There is a Bob Hope.6

Regular folks can be taught to code.7
Black love still exists.8
Macy’s stock is a good value
Even near highs.9

Native Americans do pay taxes.10
The rich pay less tax now.11
It is Bernanke’s fault.12

There is racism on the island.13
There is a Prince Harry nude video.14
There really is Modern Monetary Theory.15
There is an Oscar, and oooof! — has he got the hots for you!16

There is a magenta.17
There is an Agnes.18
There is a Madman.19

There are many devils in a devilish world,
But those kitchen sinks belong in another room,
And please keep them there.20

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Elon Green is a contributing editor to Longform.